Bad openings

Today and yesterday I learned playing Jeremy and Carson how playing openings like ... A5 aren't necessarily too terrible -- I always remember my irritation when people played what I would call "silly" openings, and apart from the Bxf7 tactic, which I have nothing but contempt for, I guess the lesson is that they're not the end of the world -- they're similar to pawn sacs in the opening, the opponent's computer evaluation drops but they gain both initiative and surprise.

Lately I've been trying to read chess books without a board to hand, like Rensch recommended, as well as trying my hand at blindfold. Strangely enough, my tactical ability seems to have actually been reduced by these exercises -- possibly because that part of my brain is saying it has had quite enough work for now, thank you.

Below is probably the nicest puzzle of the day that I managed to solve:

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