So you're being attacked by a troll ...

In the above game, I was torn apart by one of's knuckle-draggers, the horrible combination of troll and patzer who play silly openings (sometimes even Bxf7+), insult you and ask for a rematch.
Here is how to survive a troll attack.
STEP 1: Do not panic. Continue development (as seen by B5 here), and try to make counter-play on the other side of the board.
STEP 2: Take advantage of his mad rush to pick up his pawns or pieces (seen by NxE4). By now he should be materially and positionally behind, with his king probably still in the centre.
STEP 3: If a direct attack on the king is not possible, start exchanging off towards a winning end-game (NxE2). He now has to avoid exchanges, which gives you a huge advantage. I was +3.23 by move 15.
"So a troll took my face off. What went wrong?"
-- You didn't stick to your plan. Seen here with gxh5?! where Qd7 develops while threatening to exchange.
-- You chased his pieces, instead of developing. Seen here with Bf6? where e6 starts opening up a strong attack against the king.
-- You lost tempos by responding to weak threats. Seen here with Bg7?? when Qc4 was strong.
-- You panicked. Seen here with Bg6?? losing.
In conclusion: it's hard to respond to trolls. They swing this great big club at you, and because all you can think about is how much that thing is gonna hurt, you fail to realise how easy it is to side-step.
A retired policeman once told me that the best way to deal with an aggressive drunk is to keep gently circling him. It's the same with trolls: you will out-manoeuvre them, as long as you keep your head.


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    I too panic at 5/0 and get irrational, especially when I see things coming at me like the "Fried Liver Attack."  I stopped playing 5/0 for that reason plus server goes down too often and I lose won, or yet undecided, games by the disconnect.

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    that's exactly why I do not play blitz these days. I feel like I need to get more solid on the strategy without the panic factor.

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    LOLLaughing Your game is very funny. Thanks for giving me a good laugh to end the day with.

    But your advices are very good. Thanks a lot!

    I am sure that if you analyse every game like this, you would improve a lot.

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