Najdorf Battle № 1

Najdorf Battle № 1

CM stepanosinovsky

Привет всем! Пусть этот анализ будет моим Новогодним подарком для всех любителей шахмат :). 
HI everybody. This Commentary is my present to all who love chess :)

Прежде чем приступать к просмотру убедитесь что вы решили все 3 пазла из моего предыдущего поста :) 
 Before reading forward please make sure that you have already solved three Pazzles from previous my post

Итак. Одна из партий тематического турнира по Найдорфу. So. One game from the thematic tournament Sicilian Najdorf . 

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Давайте что-нибудь обсудим. На мой взгляд партия этого заслуживает.
Leave comments if you like it. If not - leave comments as well :). I think this game deserves a bit of discussion.

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С Новым Годом

My opponent shared  to me his thoughts about the game. And he was very kind to allow me post them. 

"Hi, I put together some brief thoughts about the encounter - you have done a pretty good job of the analysis - so I kept to a brief comment on move choice. Not being a 1.e4 or Sicilian defence player meant that I do not have a great 'feel' for this opening!

 6. ... e5    database   most played
 7. ... Be6   database   most played
 8. ... Nbd7  database   most played
 9. ... b5    database   (2nd choice - 11% better results)
10. ... Rc8   database   (2nd choice - 21% better results)
11. ... Be7   database   most played
12. ... Bc4   database   only move
13. ... h6    database   Grischuk - Alekseev 2006 won by black!
no database help now ....

14. ... b4    I was now worried to castle and wanted to "organise" d5 - this seemeed thematic. Also I realised that 14. ... a5 allows Nxb5!

15. ... Nxd5  For some reason I had anticipated 15.Ne2 relocating to either g3/f3 helping the k-side attack. Was happy to swap a piece, but with the white pawn occupying d5 this does hem in my Bishop.

16. ... a5    Seemed natural - using the pawns to hopefully eventually provoke some weaknesses.

17. ... Rxc4  only move

18. ... Rc8   again only move

19. ... Qc7   Still frightened of k-side castling - and both minor pieces looking awkward - did not like the position but carried on with the theme.

20. ... Nb6   Now I needed Nc5 to work when I could probably just survive. Obviously this would be a blunder allowing Bxc5 & d6. So what do I do with this Knight - I think about now I was starting to get worried.

21. ... Nc4   looks impressive, but doesn't actually do a lot!

22. ... a4    trying to make something happen!

23. ... Na5   wanting to play b3 without giving up a pawn 

24. ... Nb7   trying to swing the knight back to c5.....

25. ... hxg5  well run out of ideas - thought I could swap off the inactive rook

26. ... Rxh1  only move

27. ... Qa5   running out of decent moves - at least threatens d5 and perhaps something down the a-file.

28. ... axb3  hoping for 29.fxe7?? - lol

29. ... Bf8   lots of moves lose quickly - and I still do not have a threat

30. ... Bxg7  only move

31. ... Ke7   Kingside attack has broken through

32. ... Rd8   I thought I could not allow Qd7+

33. ... resigns  [lots of nice mating patterns - my fav - fxg6 Qe6+ Kf8 Nh7#]

Why did I lose? Well between moves 20 and 24 I made 4 Knight moves Nd7-b6-c4-a5-b7 where it ended up dysfunctional! "

"I think this shows the importance of not only developing pieces, but making sure they have scope/usefulness. My two minor pieces were seriously ineffectual, and so I could not cope with your king side build up. Just one small point - When I was abandoning K-side castling as an idea (as too dangerous [rather ironic!!]) - I was always looking for a position with the king "safe" on d7/e7. But I felt I needed the Bishop (e7) for this - so hence avoiding exchanging it when I could. However, my queenside counter play never really took off - so if I was to replay the game - I would endeavour to get the knight to c5 by all means possible - and I am assuming this can be done! Then maybe the Black Q-side initiative would deflect White.... [one can but hope - lol], Thanks