HOW TO SERIES #1: Tips to earn points

HOW TO SERIES #1: Tips to earn points


If you read the last article: I have lied to you.

nullMy next blog is actually the 2018 Golden Gopher Open.

As you may notice, you get points when you comment and stuff.


If you are a try-hard, stop that!! It's much easier than that.

Solution #1:

Go to forums under the chat looking icon: Click forums


Go to a random article, and comment something related to the topic. Keep the follow check mark on until you feel like it's just spamming your profile. Just a simple "Yes" can earn you the same amount of points as a detailed essay.

Solution #2

Go to one of your clubs that you are most active. Spam "ROL" if your in Classic RAR, but if you aren't, you can just simply say "lol" if you don't want to get kicked out (unless it's a RAR group). You can also ask questions that were already explained.

Solution #3

Spam in this chat. I'm fine with it, but if a moderator kicks you, that's not my problem.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully you enjoyed the first article of the How-To Series. My next blog is definitely be the 2018 Golden Gopher Open. @penguingm1 and John Bartholomew will both be playing!!