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Chess Safety

Chess Safety

Jan 6, 2017, 6:54 PM 0

Recently, during a blitz tournament I was playing, I had an unpreventable mate in 1. Then, he started swearing at me. He was replying the f-word and a-word in the message box and I was disappointed. My mom then looked at my profile. She immediately told me to change my profile photo, and also not have my name either. I also disabled the chat automatically before each game.


I recommend for you to do it too. You know that online has a lot of unfriendly people. It only prevents the bad people to swear at you during the games, it also prevents them to know your names. If they know the name, then they know you, personally, your real name is a big threat to them. Here is the game I played with the person who swore in the chat.


After he sacrificed the queen and rook, I still had good game, so he purposefully ran out of time.
What he did: 

On move 21: he said the f- word, and after the game, he said the a-word. He played like a bad loser. Just remember, don't play like a bad loser, and don't learn from FakeGM.


You should follow my advice. This would get you to a better experience on chess.com. Guaranteed. 

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