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Lucky Wins over top Players Part I

Lucky Wins over top Players Part I

Oct 9, 2017, 5:19 PM 2

Hello, today I would like to talk about some games that happened at my local chess club (Joseph, if you read this, please come, it's the Rochester Chess Club rochesterchess.com) and I got some pretty lucky wins. I would definitely thank RAR for this win, against another player, Justin Ricker (Sadly he's not part of the RAR movement). It was unrated, so i didnt gain any rating even though I should have, the time control is 15 minutes/40 moves with 5 min for the rest of the game with a 5 second delay from move one. Actually it's 15 minutes for the whole game with a 5 second delay. Enjoy the game!

I will continue to add my other games later! Hoped you enjoyed it and keep on RARing!



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