Chess Olympiad, the second round Lithuania-USA

Aug 30, 2012, 7:23 AM |

Hello there, I want to post 4 games played in Chess Olympiad on 2012-08-29. I'm not a titled player, so I won't even try to analyze someone other's games, but I found them very interesting. What amazed me was extreme resistance from Lithuanians against USA players, especially Nakamura-Malisauskas. This was the most intense game I've seen in a long time. I'm very proud of GM Vidmantas Malisauskas, for resisting Nakamura for so long - the game lasted more than 6 hours, and there were 107 moves made, until Lithuanian finally resigned, after horribly blundering. From my point of view Nakamura had slight pressure nearly all the midgame, but Malisauskas played Endgame almost perfectly, equalizing and even trying for something more. The mach was mensioned in official site too:

Here is what was said about the game: "The United States bested Lithuania by 3,5-0,5 after Hikaru Nakamura finally broke down the stubborn resistance of Grecian (how comes Lithuanian is Grecian?) GM Vidmantas Malisauskas in a marathon 107-moves long game. Hikaru once again proved why he is a cerebral assassin."

I do not agree with the last statement, although Nakamura is one of the gratest players in the world, he won this game only because of his extremely high class. Both of the players had many chances of draw by perpetual, but neither of them went for it. As for Nakamura, his opponent was more than 300 rating points lower, but almost drew him, this proves that Nakamura is not that much of an "assassin".

Here is what Nakamura said about this game: “Somewhere between moves 38 and 40 I went from better to worse, I had to win this game like five times. I don't get it. He could have forced a draw so many times but then he started playing for a win.”

Here is the game:

Here are other games of USA-Lithuania of the same round: