Awakening of Reserves: When ugly transforms into harmony
A rare piece of harmony can be seen in this scenery.

Awakening of Reserves: When ugly transforms into harmony

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Life transforms. A number of times. And it happens in chess too. When the ugly transforms into harmony, it becomes a spectacle. It has a striking impact.

In the following game my pieces are not developed and they seem rather ugly. But then the position transforms suddenly and my pieces start working well as a unit. Of course it is courtesy a few mistakes by my opponent, but that does not decrease the efficiency of this game.

"Awakening of Reserves!" This can be related to a king who is sitting pretty in it's castle, before it decides to fight for the sake of his village.

In this game, you see this idea. My pieces are undeveloped but they are waiting for their chance to leap out into action. And how well they do that!

The following game was played on I was White, and I was playing with a good friend, who has about the same strength as me (2200+ FIDE).

I hope you enjoy this brief post and learn more about the Harmony in Chess!

Key words for Notes:

Lack of Communications: When the pieces are blocked by their own pawns to come to rescue of their king.

SIS: Strategically Important Squares- The Centre.

Releasing of Tension: When one side commits to an exchange.

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