My Compositions #1: A king stuck in enemy territory

My Compositions #1: A king stuck in enemy territory

IM vinniethepooh

Visualization, Awareness, Imagination. Solving chess compositions enhance these three crucial aspects of your tactical ability. Studies train your eyes to unexpected moves, crazy ideas, and significantly improve your creativity.

Solving studies correctly always give me great aesthetic pleasure. Every study has a very hidden beautiful idea, and this is why I am starting a new series, My Compositions. I have created these studies myself, and I would urge you to try and solve it and see how you fare. Remember to go deep into the truth of the position, unlock all boundaries of magic, and let your imagination roll!! Enjoy!

Aditya Mittal, 24.07.2017

Take a good long think in this position. A very closed middlegame, where all pawns are basically locked. White is a piece down, but there is a very peculiar situation: Black's king is very unusually placed at the corner on h5. If White doesn't do something quickly, Black will run away with the extra piece. But Black's king is quite safe on h5. Or is it?

White to play and win!

(Solution and the next study in the next part. Until then, try to crack this one, and don't forget to leave your answers in the comments section below!

SPOILER: The correct solution is given by @Chessplayer2093 in the comments)