My Compositions #3: The warriors who refuse to give up

My Compositions #3: The warriors who refuse to give up

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Visualization, Awareness, Imagination. Solving chess compositions enhance these three crucial aspects of your tactical ability. Studies train your eyes to unexpected moves, crazy ideas, and significantly improve your creativity.

Welcome to the 3rd part of 'My Compositions'! This series consists of chess compositions created by myself. Every blog brings with it the solution to the previous one, and a new challenge for you.

My Compositions #1: A king stuck in enemy territory

My Compositions #2: An unforeseen hero

So what was the position all about? Both players are ready to make their respective queens, but it seems that because of Black's king in the centre, White should look for mating ideas. A few ideas come to mind..... but did you even consider the first move of the real solution?

Here it is!

So that was the 'unforseen hero'--- the b pawn, who travelled all the way to d8 chopping off things on its journey, finally becoming a queen! Let me know what do you think of this study in the comments section below!

Now it's time for today's study!

Aditya Mittal, 13.09.2019
A very peculiar position. White can make his queen- but Black's isn't far away either. White's king is strangely boxed in and stalemated on g5, but with Black's king also subject to mating nets...
White to play and win!
(Solution and the next study in the next part. Until then, try to crack this one, and don't forget to leave your answers in the comments section below!)