Book review: CROSS-SERIES

Book review: CROSS-SERIES

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Hello friends, this is your dear friend, vinniethepooh. This post is to publicize two adventure fantasy novels written by a 15 year old, Vinayak Mittal. He is a chess player as well, with a FIDE Rating of 1407.



These are the two books he has written. I was fascinated reading it, and would recommend all of you. CROSSROADS is the first book in the tri-series, which has been followed up by CROSSTIMES, and the final book, CROSSLINKS, is yet to be published.

The novel is about the triumph of good over evil. One thing that caught my interest a lot, was how the friendship has been explained.

There are these four kids- Jaden, Frank, Arthur and Rose. They are on a journey to find the "Lost Information" without which, the world would be in shambles. In the first book, are heroes do find the information. But what is it? And wait, there is no rest for them even after they find it. Both the novels are filled with enthralling action that will make you sit on the edge of your seats.

I would wholeheartedly recommend these two books, CROSSROADS AND CROSSTIMES.

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