Excitement Overload as Sinquefield reaches the final stage

Excitement Overload as Sinquefield reaches the final stage

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The Sinquefield Cup 2018 is almost coming to a close. Caruana is leading (He has made it a habit now!) with a pack of chasers behind him. It's certain to be an extravaganza.

Nothing really changed in Rounds 7 and 8, since all games were drawn. There were highly interesting moments though, exactly the kind of that enthralls a spectator!

Round 7

The most awaited clash of the tournament- Carlsen-Caruana was about to begin. It was the final match between the two before the World Championship. There was a lot of pressure and the World #1 ranking was at stake. To know more, visit the following link: 


What about the match? It was a spectator's delight!

Caruana once again repeated his trusty Petroff, which has now turned into a potent weapon. Out of the opening arised an opposite side castling middlegame. It seemed like Carlsen was playing the role of the aggressor. Then he made his intentions clear with the strong 18.f4! which was connected with a deep plan, something that Caruana totally missed.

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An inspired Magnus Carlsen almost hit the now insurmountable Fabiano Caruana.

Soon Caruana started making a few inexplicable mistakes and after 26.f5!, he was already contemplating resignation.

At this moment Carlsen made an unexpected entry to the confession booth. He didn't say anything, actually what he did was display the famous finger-on-the-lips moment!


Caruana hung on though, with all the stubbornness he could offer. He was able to fend off a certain Magnus Carlsen from winning a dominating endgame. Carlsen couldn't help but admit that "A lot was at stake today. Yeah, I was a bit nervous."

With every match these two play, the World Championship is heating up even more. Caruana-Carlsen has been a long awaited match-up. Yeah, you don't wanna miss the fun.

The other four games ended in not-so-interesting-draws. The match which promised a bit was Karjakin-Mamedyarov but it all fizzled out soon enough.

Caruana maintained his half point lead.


Round 8

Once again Carlsen tried hard.. hard.. but could not succeed. Mamedyarov kept on finding those little resources to keep the game hanging in the balance. Shak created a fortress- an impenetrable one at that.

Grischuk was a bit late to arrive. But when he did arrive, he gave everyone a shock, picking up the f pawn and there it was! 1.f4-The Bird.

Unfortunately, Grischuk's 'heroic' opening gave him nothing, and he was quite uncomfortable during most parts of the game. But Sinquefield Cup 2018 had a draw curse bestowed upon it..

The other games hardly enthralled. The Standings have still not changed and Caruana leads by half a point going into Monday's final round.