Fabiano Caruana

Fabiano Caruana

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After Fabiano Caruana won the Berlin Candidates, all the hype was about how he fares in the tournaments where Magnus is playing. It was fitting that in the Grenke Chess Classic which started just a few days after the big event, Magnus and Caruana were playing in the first round against each other. That would be a nice prelude for the World Championship, definitely! "We are going to play in a few days, so hopefully I will send a strong message to him!" The American said after becoming the new challenger.

Fast forward a few days and the Grenke Classic had started. It wouldn't be wrong to say that the big matchup got so much attention that the other boards were forgotten. And what a game it was! In the initial stages, Magnus was showing that he is ready for the challenge and was dominating, but some excellent defensive ideas made the task much difficult for Magnus. Finally, Caruana escaped with a draw. He had already sent a strong message: "I will fight till the end!!"

After that, Caruana went bam bam in the tournament, finishing 1st ahead of Carlsen. After the Sinquenfield Cup 2014, Caruana was back to prime form! 

The next tournament where the Champion and the Challenger would meet was Norway Chess. Once again their game was in Round 1. It turned out to be dissapointment for Caruana though, as it would be safe to say he got smashed in Magnus' home ground after a couple of astray blunders.

But finally, he won the tournament, half point clear of Magnus! He was absolutely thrilled. Three big triumphs, what else do you want in life? This is a precedent for what is to come in November. One might argue that he lost his mini-match against Magnus, but there are more positives to look at. No doubt, everyone is looking forward to that match in November.

The dawn of a new era beckons: Fabiano Caruana.