Hunt the king in its castle! #1

Hunt the king in its castle! #1

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When a king is sitting pretty in its castle, enjoying snacks and sipping coffee, and suddenly.. BOOM! A cannon drops in and destroys the castle, leading to the death of the Monarch! How?

The king is very secured in the palace, but then, the other kingdom keeps dropping bombs one after the other, first blasting open the guard then putting on fire all over the place denying the majesty from escaping… then harassing the queen and finally reaching the esteemed room of the king.

Looks like the starting of any fantasy book, right? But, here we are talking about chess!

Watch as Rubinstein performs the aforementioned lines to perfection and Hunts the King in its Castle!

So, Rubinstein has developed a strong attack. White's king seems in lot of danger. In the final position, White has two moves- 22.g3 and 22.h3. Let us first look at the move which was not played- 22.h3.
Now, let us see what happened after 22.g3. Try to find the moves yourself!
Now let us see the whole game once:
It does not always happen in studies!!

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