Improve your Imagination! Study #1
"Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

Improve your Imagination! Study #1

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It is very important to improve your imaginative skills, your creative skills, the feel for unexpected moves in chess. With this series I present one study in each blog and recommend you to find the solution.

Keep trying! Don't worry about the time you will take- that will slowly improve! First of all the QUALITY of your solution is important!!

Studies are all about imagination. It's not really upon the rating strength of the player as it does not reflect his imagination ability- you might not be improving due to bad positional sense!

What I am trying to say here is studies can be solved by everyone. They are beneficial in the long run, subconsciously developing patterns in your mind- imagination. Only the time taken shall be different.

For today's study I have chosen a study by legendary Genrikh Kasparyan, one of the great composers in chess history. I would recommend you the book "Domination in 2545 Endgame Studies", which involves numerous study motifs, developing your pattern recognition. It's not even necessary that you solve them correctly, just going through the solutions (but try first!) your pattern recognition will improve.

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These are not positional exercises, so remember to go TILL THE END, till the game has reached clear conclusion!

Correctly solving studies give a lot of aesthetic pleasure and a confident feeling since they usually reach a poetic final position. Go for it!

It's White to play and win. The person who solves it will get a "Congratulations" trophy on! I will reveal the solution in a few days. Stay tuned! Let me know your answers in the comments section below.

(EDIT: The correct answer was given by @Michel2426 . Well done Michel!)

So here is the answer to this amazing study: