My Performance at 1st CCC All India Online Blitz Chess Championship

My Performance at 1st CCC All India Online Blitz Chess Championship

CM vinniethepooh
Oct 8, 2018, 6:04 AM |

The 1st Chanakya Chess Club Online Blitz Chess Championship was played on on 7/10/2018. It was an All India tournament where a number of strong players participated. It had a time control of 3+2 blitz. India was the Social Media Partner for this tournament.

I am looking forward to more of such tournaments! It was a grand success. Know more here:

Two GMs participated in this event: RR Laxman ( @INDIAN-ELEPHANT) , Diptayan Ghosh ( @Wizard456) along with a number of IMs and other strong players.

Starting off, I was somewhere around the 10th seed with my blitz rating of 2408.

You can view the final standings and games of this event here:

                                                                          Round 1

       The game started with a Benoni defence, where my opponent blundered a few moves into the              opening, giving up his bishop. In the end, a nice little trap got me a rook.

Round 2

A Sicillian Najdorf occured, where White chose 6.Be2 to which I replied 6...e5. On move 11 I got a typical tactic which netted me a pawn. Later on White blundered the exchange to give me the full point.

Round 3
My opponent played the Czech Benoni, which requires some positional understanding. I was trying to break through on the queenside, while he should have done the same on the kingside, but he simply never got going.
Courtesy a few mistakes by him, my rook penetrated to the 7th rank. I later won a pawn and later just had to make sure I am not going wrong.
Round 4
I was paired with IM Mohammed Nubairshah ( @nubair1198). He managed to trick me into the opening and I got a worse ending where I was slowly outplayed. Nubair played almost all best moves and took home the full point.
Round 5
My opponent began with 1.c4 to which I replied 1...e5. White played 7.e4, weakening the d3 pawn which I later won. He later blundered and I won a piece.
Round 6
At this point, I was at 4/5 and I was paired with the notorious @Khilin , who was being said to cheat by a few players. What happened in the game was surprising, as at move 7 I suddenly won. I came to know that has banned him.
Round 7
At 5/6, I was very close to the leaders. I was playing with Ajay Karthikeyan ( @ajaykart). The game followed typical Benko lines where Black regained his pawn and a rook ending came on the board.
It was slightly risky for me, but I managed to hold and get the draw. A fairly balanced game!
Round 8
The game began with Alapin Sicillian where I ventured the interesting 2...Qa5!? I later managed to get the bishop pair and that, coupled with his really bad pawn structure gave me the win.
After 8 rounds the standings looked like this:
                 #1: GM @INDIAN-ELEPHANT 7.5/8
    #2: GM @Wizard456 6.5/8
    #3: IM @champ2005 6.5/8
#4: @vinniethepooh 6.5/8
followed by a bunch of players on 6/8, including @nubair1198 , whom I had previously lost to.
Round 9
It was really a case of Fire on the Board when I was matched with the top seed. Tactics flew everywhere, and that was a match I am going to remember! I won't say anything else. You can have a look at my detailed annotations for this game.
Now, with 7.5/9, I was at sole second position, behind @INDIAN-ELEPHANT who was on 8/9 and ahead of a bunch of players on 7/9.
Round 10
I was paired with the leader, @INDIAN-ELEPHANT. When the game started, he offered me a draw in 2 moves. That was sensible- after all he needed just a draw to win 1st prize.
What would I do in such a situation? My Buccholes were rather bad, but I decided to agree to the draw. Such decisions can never be said to be good or bad- it is only what you decide at that moment of time. So, I finished with 8/10.
I was watching carefully as the games of the guys on 7/9 progressed. @nubair1198 won his game and moved to 8/10. The other games were drawn.
So that meant, @INDIAN-ELEPHANT was first and either of me or @nubair1198 were second. But my Sonneborn Berger tiebreaks were worse than nubair's, so I finished third.

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