Naka,Vishy and Alexei!

Naka,Vishy and Alexei!

CM vinniethepooh
Feb 12, 2016, 11:07 PM |

Nakamura won the opening blitz in Zurich.He was off to a flier with 3/3 and a draw in the next round meant almost the tournament.That's what he exactly did although Shirov had a lucky escape.Naka displayed exactly why he is one of the best blitz players.In the fifth round he lost to a great game played by Anand,but was anyways the winner.Anand could have finished first had he not lost the drawn game against Aronian,but it was not to be.He finished on 3/5,with wins over Giri and Naka.The third man in the list was Shirov(!)Who looks back in form,staying the only one undefeated.He finished on 3/5,with a lucky win.However even after playing so good being the last seed,he couldn't hold second as Vishy was better on tiebreaks...Round 1

Naka played a beautiful game against Levon to demolish the Armenian.Some deep and quick understanding of the position led him to 18.Bxh6!After that it was smooth sailing.The other two games,Kramnik-Giri and Alexei-Vishy ended in uninspiring draws.          Round 2

     Kramnik was a little too agressive against Naka in the second round and Naka confidently played 12...e5!And 16...0-0!And converted to a full point.Giri was playing well but time was ticking and he underestimated the danger to his king.After 30.Qc2?! and 31.Kf3?Anand took the full point.Finally Levon lost again,this time to Shirov,just when it looked like a draw.

After mutual mistakes by both the draw was there but Levon flew it away with 64.Bh3??Uncharacteristic...64...Kg5!And it was all over!

Round 3

Nakamura won yet again,this time against Giri.After collecting one pawn,Giri's pawns started to fly away in thin air.Shirov and Kramnik played a boring draw,while Aronian showed great defence against Vishy's sacrifice.Vishy didn't see the draw and played 24.Ng4?! and lost.

A great picture captured where Anish,Big Vlad,Vishy and Naka are having a gala time!

Round 4

Giri was absouletely punching Aronian,but this is blitz and Giri erred,even getting tortured and then losing.Typical blitz game.Kramnik couldn't do much against Anand and it ended in a draw.While Shirov had a miracle escape as Naka missed the relatively simple 43.Qf3!Instead he played 43.c6?

Aronian?!Where is he?Maybe he is preparing...

Round 5


Anand was the giant-killer of the last round as he defeated Naka.With great moves like 11.Bf4!19.b4!25.Rd1!He played what I could call one of his best blitz games.Naka won the tournament anyways as Shirov couldn't pose much problems to Giri.Aronian was crushing Kramnik only to blunder his queen!Thats what blitz is.


Were three famous personalities at the event-Karpov,Polgar and Korchnoi(!)