Shardul Gagare!

Shardul Gagare!

CM vinniethepooh
Feb 1, 2016, 7:49 PM |

On 30th of January,Shardul Gagare completed all the formalities for becoming a GM.He got this achievement in the tournament IIFL Wealth Open Tournament.By defeating Sekar.B(Elo 2188)Shardul became the 42nd Grandmaster of India.Report.

What I felt the most amazing thing about Shardul is that he played fearlessly putting his king on d6 and whatsoever against Sekar.B.


"I have faith in my calculating abillities"-Shardul Gagare.


27....Ne4!28.Qc4-Ke7!29.Qb4-Ke8!And Sekar lost on time!