Study-like practical examples: Game 2

Study-like practical examples: Game 2

IM vinniethepooh

Hey guys! This is vinniethepooh with the 2nd game of my newly created series: Study-like practical examples.

If you haven't seen the first game, here is the link:

This is also the day I am going to reveal the first puzzle's solution. So, were you stuck with your extra bishop? What a position, right? It's amazing how it can be so difficult to win with a whole extra piece!

Wow! Brilliant, right? I took quite some time to crack it (well, over 20 mins!)
Now comes the time for the second puzzle! It's Black to play. This time it is a Knight vs Bishop endgame, and it is clear that the side with the knight has an overwhelming advantage. But the question is how to make progress? Another challenge for you! Enjoy happy.png
Do write down your answers in the comments section below!