The making of an age-old clash: Carlsen vs Caruana

The making of an age-old clash: Carlsen vs Caruana

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There are some match-ups in chess history that are like an event to celebrate. They produced those kind of games which enthralled with the mix of different styles. During the game, everyone would hold their breaths in anxiety, thrill and suspense.

Two such battles were seen in the form of Capablanca-Alekhine and Karpov-Kasparov. In both of them, both the players were experts of their styles and to see who will prove triumphant has always been engrossing.

Let us take Capablanca-Alekhine.

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One, widely renowned for his exceptional endgame skill and speed of play, called the "chess machine" making simple positional moves, resorting to little tactics, and squeezing the opponent by making perfect strategic decisions. The other, known for his fierce and imaginative attacking style, combined with great positional and endgame skill.

How interesting a match-up is that! A clash of titans with completely different styles and thoughts. Capablanca was considered superior to Alekhine for long, before the World Championship 1927 where Alekhine beat him, provoked thoughts.

What about Karpov-Kasparov? Need I even talk? 

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One, often said to have a style called "boa constrictor". Solid, positional approach to the game, not taking many risks, but ruthlessly punishing even a small inaccuracy from the opponent and torturing him until he gets the full point, which made comparisons with Capablanca. The other, his style is compared to Alekhine's! Known for his extensive opening preparation and high level of aggression, combined with a great positional feeling.

During the course of the 5 (!) World Championships between these players, The score was 21-19 with 104 draws in favour of Kasparov.

See where I am getting at?


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Preparations are going on for the World Chess Championship 2018. It's all over the place. It's the talk of the town. Looking at blogs, I see headlines of Carlsen-Caruana all around. It's set to be a glorious contest.

It has always been a match-up which has been looked forward to with keen interest and observation.

The match-up produced those games that enthralled with the mix of different styles. During the game, everyone would hold their breath in anxiety, thrill and suspense.

One, who loves simple, playable positions and squeezing his opponent into breathless territories. Whose style has been compared to Karpov and Capablanca. The other, who is to some extent comparable with Kasparov and Alekhine, with a mix of aggression and strong positional feeling, and opening prowess.

It's set, set to be the making of an age-old clash, with the World Championship 2018 as it's starting point.

Carlsen vs Caruana.