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Could someone help please? I have windows vista home premium and i downloaded houdini, the chess engine, and arena the GUI. How do I actually get these to work! I get loads of files but what do i do to see something! Please help and could you actually explain it!


  • 2 years ago


    I've just downloaded the same software, so I can give you a few hints. First, don't bother trying to open Houdini directly because it has to be run via a GUI (Graphical User Interface) & that's what Arena is for.

    Open Arena to see the interface & click on Engines (it's on the File PGN ... bar) & then click on Instal New Engine. Browse to the location of the folder in which you've put Houdini & follow the instructions.

    Beyond that, it's a case of exploring Arena until you get the hang of how it works - I'm still trying.

    It would help if the Help system worked but when I try to open a Help topic, nothing happens - the rest of the window remains blank.

    The reason I downloaded Houdini is to carry out an analysis of my group's past vote-chess games to obtain data on the top three best moves but I'm stuck so far on that. I did manage to work out that the results are written to a text-file in the Arena folder called 'analyses'. I get a mass of results but I can't make much sense of it all.

    So good luck  :-)

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