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FIDE World Cup 2017 World Chess Tournament

FIDE World Cup 2017 World Chess Tournament

Sep 6, 2017, 2:09 PM 0

Now in Tbilisi, Georgia, the FIDE World Cup 2017 World Chess Tournament is taking place with the participation of all the strongest chess players on the planet. There is a second round of the competition in the cup system - on the flight.
In the competitions there were the strongest, not without surprises. The player of the Ukrainian team, last season's semi-finalist Pavel Eljanov flew out. And today lost and Anand, tomorrow Anand must recoup to pull the game into a tie-break (fast chess).
I myself root for the beauty of the Chinese woman Hou Yifan, who as a single girl remained in this tournament. Today she played with a strong chess player from Armenia Levon Aronian in a draw. Tomorrow is the second party. World champion Magnus Carlsen, today defeated Dreeva, Karjakin played a draw with Daniil Dubov. We are rooting for Daniel! Well, of course, my fellow countryman Dmitriy Andreykin, also completed a peaceful party with Matlakov. The winner of this pair goes to the winner of the pair Hou Yifan - Aronian Levon




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