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PROJECT on TV "Chess Review"

PROJECT on TV "Chess Review"

Sep 13, 2017, 1:35 AM 0

Dear guests of the page, friends and all fans of chess!

I ASK to support the PROJECT on the Renewal of the "Chess Review"

The first steps have already been taken to translate this idea into reality, a business plan has already been written and sent to the appropriate units. I just remember when they asked us for an amount of about 750 thousand rubles. This amount of course bites us and we can not do it.

Now at the moment everything is going to be opened to this transfer, but I am confident that the investment will be required.

At YUTUBB channel with comments by Sergei Shipov, from various tournaments about 3-4 thousand people gather daily, and subscribers of this channel exceed 27 thousand people. By the number of spectators it is more than basketball and volleyball combined!


What's wrong with this broadcast on TV? There will be reviews, there will be comments and meetings with leading stars, there will also be assignments, in view of the fact that in Russia and not only in Russia there is a Project Chess in School. Hence, there will be more spectators on TV.

Russia has always been, is and will be a chess power.


So who and how can, support us.


Payment can be made through the SBERBANK of the Russian Federation

Thank you in advance!

For all questions, please contact E-mail: vladimir3004@mail.ru


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