Don`t Underestimate the Rook!

Aug 22, 2012, 8:30 PM |

We all know that the rook is worth 5 pawns(5 in value Laughing), some of us know that the rook is a major piece like the queen and it has half of the queen`s powers(the other half belongs to the bishop). Let`s see what the rook in a game of chess( other than giving king safety by castling).

A rook can mate as it is mentioned in one of the two blogs on the 2 part series Mates to Know.







You can use it to promote a pawn. Now, let`s get into things where the rook needs a "sidekick".(particularly the bishop)

Discovered checks/discovered attacks from the rook can be done.

Now the discovered checks are handy with the windmill tactic which is done by the bishop and rook.

 2 rooks can mate on the 7th rank.







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