Evan`s Gambit: b4?!

Sep 8, 2012, 4:54 AM |

The Evans Gambit is played by the moves: e4,e5,Nf3,Nc6,Bc4,Bc5,b4

The opening is named after Welsh sea captain William Daves Evans. It`s parent opening is a familliar opening- The Giouco Piano and the gambit is an aggressive variant of the Giuoco Piano. According to Reuben Fine, The Evan poses a challenge for Black.

In the diagram I showed you, it said that accepting the gambit is a bit stronger than declining it. There is also the bishop retreating. What retreats are used?(That is where does the bishop retreat to?) Here they are:

Ba5- the most popular one

Bc5- the 2nd most popular

Be7- the safest retreat and has been played by Anand(probably most amateurs will do thatLaughing)

Bd6- The Stone-Ware Def. named after Henry Nathan Stone and Preston Ware.

Bf8- Mayet Def.; played rarely



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