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Pawn Structure:Part 2

Pawn Structure:Part 2

Aug 1, 2012, 9:29 AM 0

We`ve learned about the different pawn formations in the last blog. This one is on the types of pawns. Here they are:

Doubled up pawns occur mainly in the Spanish opening(Ruy Lopez):







Isolated pawns are pawns have no pawn on an adjacent file to guard it.








Broken pawns have restricted mobility






I`ll show you an example of a backward pawn:







Passed pawns are protected and they can`t be stopped by any other pawns.(You see them a lot when you`re going to promote a pawn in the endgame) Outside passed pawns are lethal, have no protection and are far away from the action.







Tripled pawns are 3 pawns on 1 file and quadrupled pawns are 4 pawns on 1 file.Thx for viewing!

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