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Pirc Defense:Part 2

Pirc Defense:Part 2

Jul 21, 2012, 12:33 PM 0

In the 1st blog post about the Pirc defense, we`ve went over some games and its history. In this blog post, we are now going to see what can you do in the Pirc Defense.

White had allowed the initative to be given to black after that skewer.Now, here is a diagram to look at and see what you can do:

after e5 in the diagram above, you can do dxe5,dxe5,Qxd1,Kxd1 and white can`t castle but black`s knight is under attack which can make more trouble for white by: 








Thanks for viewing this blog post. This will be my last blog post on the Pirc Defense unless I can find or make a video on the Pirc Defense.

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