Sacrificing pieces

Aug 8, 2012, 7:48 AM |

This blog will be on sacrificing pieces. For those beginners out there reading this and who don`t know what`s a sacrifice(can be known as a sac)- you learn it eventually.Let`s get started.

What is a sac? A sacrifice is giving up a piece in the hopes of gaining some tactical or postional compensation. Sometimes a sac can give mate, make a deflection, avoid losing(not win the game but rather stalemate), make a pawn promotion etc.

What pieces can be sacrificed? Every piece can be sacrificed except the king.LaughingSometimes sacrificing your queen can deliver smothered mate!In 1 of my games,I sacrificed my queen in order to set up a knight fork(read the blog titled My games against AussieJohn48)

Bishop sacrifices can sometimes get your opponent`s queen.(if they`re on the correct squares and there`s no flaw. You need a bishop and rook or queen to do this) Rook sacrifices can be used to deliver mate.Here is a game I won in my current online chess tournament:

Knght sacrifices can be used to not castle.Pawn sacrifices are common.

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