Searching and Showing

Aug 24, 2013, 8:44 AM |

Today, I`ll be showing you some of my game in a tournament, a live game and mention well known chess players to me that are in the  bilbiography of the MCO-13 by Walter Korn and GM Nick de Firmian( which I found in my local library). First,let me show you two games against a 1100 in online chess in which I won both. The third one is a win against Comp. Hard.

Now the well known ppl that I know in the MCO-13:

Larry Evans, Bobby Fischer, Svetozar(tell me if I misspell his name)Gligoric, John Grefe and.... our own Mr.Silman,Garry Kasparov, Viktor Korchnoi, Walter Korn,John Nunn and Savielly Tartakower.