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Siegbert Tarrasch

Siegbert Tarrasch

Aug 9, 2012, 6:59 PM 0

Siegbert Tarrasch was born in present day Poland. He converted from Judaism to Christianity in 1909 and he lost a son in WWI(World War 1)Tarrasch was a medical doctor by profession.  Tarrasch wrote in his Preface to The Game of Chess(1931)the often repeated line:"Chess,like love,like music, has the power to make men happy.

Some openings that come from Tarrasch are Tarrasch Defense(d4,d5,c4,e6,Nc3,c5 and on a sidenote,I`ve played an online chess tournament with the Tarrasch Defense as the set postion),Tarrasch Variation of the French Def.(e4,e6,d4,d5,Nd2) and the Tarrasch Variation of the Ruy Lopez(e4,e5,Nf3,Nc6,Bb5,a6,Ba4,Nf6,0-0,Nxe4). Other things in chess that came from Tarrasch are Tarrasch trap and Tarrasch`s rule.

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