Some nice games:Part 1

Sep 8, 2012, 7:43 PM |

This will be a blog on some of my games i`ve played. I`ll give a bit of description and comment if you like to.

This game was against the comp. I`ve been working on to draw or beat him for my level- Computer3-Hard!This is the one I did comp. analysis recently. It`s surprising how a 1217 and the hard comp. get 12/73 moves with "a mark".(?,??,?!,!?)

This game is against a slightly lower rated played(1180 in blitz: I was in the 1200s)

This 3/0 game went out of control! He mates me when he has 1 sec. and I have 4 secs.!

The last 2 games are also played by him: (accidentally blundered my queen Embarassed but it was unrated and this was a 1900Laughing.)

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