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The Canadian Chess Prodigy

The Canadian Chess Prodigy

Aug 15, 2013, 5:40 AM 0

Daniel Abraham Yanofsky was born in Brody,Poland(currently western Ukraine) on March 25,1925. Daniel`s family left Poland when he was 8 months old.They were Jewish.(Has anyone heard what a pogrom is?)They went to Winnipeg in Canada where at the age of eight he learned how to play chess. He won a provincial championship at age twelve and made a debut in the Closed Canadian Chess Championship in 1937 in Toronto. He played for the Buenos Aires Olympiad and won the Canadian Chess Championship in 1941. He played other tournaments. He won a brilliancy prize for defeating Mikhail Botvinnik and Alexander Alekhine went over his games- "Abe"`s games(His classmates called him Abe after the U.S. president). His highest ELO was 2618.Here is  1 of his games.


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