The Magician from Riga

The Magician from Riga

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Mikhail Tal was born in Riga,Latvia(It was then part of Soviet Union) in a Jewish family. He was allowed to start going to universities at 15 and began to read at 3.Cool He learned chess at age 8 and Alexander Koblents tutored him in chess at around 13(that`s when he improved his chessLaughing). He married Russian actress Salli Landau who was 19 at the time and they divorced in 1970.Cry

He earned his Candidate Master title in 1953 and his Soviet master title the following year. He beat GM Yuri Averbakh on time in a drawn postion during the 1951 Latvian Championship and in the 1952 Latvian Championship, he was ahead of his trainer.

He joined the USSR Chess Championship at age 19 with Tal finishing in joint 5th. He then was the youngest to win the championships the following year at age 20. Tal made three appearances for the USSR at Student Olympiads, from 1956–1958, winning three team gold medals and three board gold medals. He won nineteen games, drew eight, and lost none, for 85.2 percent.He had not played in enough international tournaments to qualify for the title of Grandmaster, but FIDE decided at its 1957 Congress to waive the normal restrictions and award him the title because of his achievement in winning the Soviet Championship.

He died on June 27,1992.

Some notable chess games are:,,


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