Checkmate Patterns - Sniper Mate

Checkmate Patterns - Sniper Mate

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Sniper Mate is a term I came up with for this checkmate pattern. Many people like to refer to the long range capability of the bishop as being akin to that of a sniper. The key piece in this pattern is indeed the bishop and it very often works from loooooong range in this one so Sniper Mate seems like a fitting name!

The Sniper mate looks like this:

Or this.....

Notice in both cases how the bishop on b2 controls the key a1-h8 diagonal like a complete boss from far far away, like a sniper!

This pattern is almost always achieved with the knight opening up a discovered check and a double check which leads to one of the two mates above.

You can learn more about the sniper mate here before going on.....

Funnily enough I wanted to make a video on this pattern after seeing Hikaru Nakamura on the TV show "Billions"

Here is the clip:

The Nakamura play in this cilp was fantastic!

Here a rook sacrifice is inserted as opposed to how we normally see this pattern executed.

A more typical way we see this pattern is right here....

At this point (and especially after watching the video!) I think you should have enough knowledge to attempt these problems.....let's go!!

Yeah, I know, that should be an easy one! Next one is as well.....

Be careful here in the next you have to have all the escape squares covered! Only full marks if you saw what happens if the king tries to make a run for it!

Can you set up our pattern nicely here? Note that there are many good moves for white but setting up our pattern is the best move!

Back to basics....

At this point you should have the "Sniper Mate" fully mastered!

Hope you enjoyed the video and the examples!

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