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Рапид-турнир памяти Данила Кучеренко's Thumbnail

Рапид-турнир памяти Данила Кучеренко

GM LuckyTiger 1 day ago

Уважаемые друзья! Приглашаем всех желающих и могущих принять участие в рапид-турнире, посвященном памяти нашего друга Данила Кучеренко. Турнир запланирован на 10, 11 июня; место проведения - Харьков, ШШК "Шахрад". Больше информации - здесь: http:/...

3rd Annual Dayton Chess Festival's Thumbnail

3rd Annual Dayton Chess Festival

FM Boorchess 1 day ago

3rd Annual Dayton Chess Festival and Aviator OPEN A really great week of chess is coming up in Dayton Ohio July 14-22. The 3rd annual Aviator Open will begin followed by a blitz tournament and After that the action continues with the Dayton...

FREE 30-Minute Video Lesson with VISHY ANAND!'s Thumbnail

FREE 30-Minute Video Lesson with VISHY ANAND!

GeniusKJ 1 day ago

ChessUniversity.com is giving away five-time WORLD CHAMPION VISHY ANAND's 30-minute Chess University lesson recording on patterns and themes ($25 value) for FREE! :-) To access this lesson for free, simply go to the course page here:https://ches...

Chess.com Dev Update: May 26, 2017's Thumbnail

Chess.com Dev Update: May 26, 2017

News 3 days ago

Hey Chess.com! Thanks for tuning into another update! By far the most noticeably new recent event is the Speed Chess Championships! If you haven't been watching, you've been missing out! The battle between Giri and So was epic...

How To Beat Magnus Carlsen Video Course $20 Off's Thumbnail

How To Beat Magnus Carlsen Video Course $20 Off

GeniusKJ 4 days ago

In the first volume of How To Beat World Champion Magnus Carlsen video course, FIDE-Master Dalton Perrine walks you through World Champion Magnus Carlsen’s classical time control losses from November 2013 to November 2014. This marks the tim...

So I Joined A Chess Club!'s Thumbnail

So I Joined A Chess Club!

SonofPearl 4 days ago

After many years spent feeding my chess habit via the wonders of the internet, and in particular Chess.com, I joined a chess club! In truth, I'm not exactly a newbie because like many chess addicts of my age (46, since you ask) I played for my loc...

Refutation of the Tarrasch Defence's Thumbnail

Refutation of the Tarrasch Defence

GM alexcolovic 4 days ago

This one is going to get a lot of attention I think... I start with a short round-up of my tournament in Llucmajor, with some comments on my newly-found algorithm and last round disappointment. And yes, I do think the Tarrasch is a hopeless...

Visualization Puzzles #5's Thumbnail

Visualization Puzzles #5

NM Bab3s 5 days ago

All the puzzles come from this position. Black is dominating with a passed a-pawn and more active pieces, but White is going to play Ng1 and Nf3, so it is best not to fool around too much. Thus, I played 35...a4 36. Re1 Qd4 37. Ng1 a3 38. Nf3 Rx...

Crushing Novelty against the Be3 Pirc!'s Thumbnail

Crushing Novelty against the Be3 Pirc!

NM nOcHeaTiNgKiD 5 days ago

Hello chess players. It's been a while since I last posted, but theres a cool novelty which ive discovered recently that I've played with good success in bullet, with the key move being 7.. b5! One of the most commonly faced line in the Pirc is 4...

Fun Miniature Featuring Harry The H-Pawn's Thumbnail

Fun Miniature Featuring Harry The H-Pawn

NM ih8sens 6 days ago

So I just got back from the 2017 Ontario Open in Ottawa.  As usual I scored 3/6 (50%) in the Open section, which sounds pretty good but resulted in a loss of rating points.  I'm thinking I need to go play in New York at some point.  ...

Copenhagen Chess Challenge 2017's Thumbnail

Copenhagen Chess Challenge 2017

FM HustleTime 6 days ago

Dear all, While finally the spring (some might even argue summer ) weather has finally kicked in in Copenhagen, I was up for another chess challenge in my journey, this time Copenhagen Chess Challenge 2017 tournament! This was also the first tour...

Simul game on Sunday at 9:00 am's Thumbnail

Simul game on Sunday at 9:00 am

IM attilaturzo 9 days ago

Would you like to play against an International Master? I am Attila Turzo, an International Master and Chess Coach and I would like to invite you to play with me in a simuls on the LIVE chess.com server with 30 minuter per player plus 30 seconds ...

SuperNationals 2017 Experience's Thumbnail

SuperNationals 2017 Experience

NM Mr_Penings 11 days ago

So here's yet another blog post about a chess tournament experience! This time, SuperNationals! To keep the prestige of the name, this blog post will also be "super", and will include lots of pictures and all that good stuff. I will write about al...

I'm Back's Thumbnail

I'm Back

IM dpruess 13 days ago

This "announcement" will not come as much of a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to my chess activities, coming as it does more than a year late. I started doing occasional ChessTV shows as time permitted last year, including the 20...

Chess.com Dev Update: May 12, 2017's Thumbnail

Chess.com Dev Update: May 12, 2017

News 17 days ago

Hey Chess.com! An ironic twist in this week's developers update: if you didn't notice much that looked different in the last couple weeks, that means the developers have been hard at work and doing a good job! We're continuing to make progress a...

Enroll in May 2017 Prodigy Program with Vishy Anand!'s Thumbnail

Enroll in May 2017 Prodigy Program with Vishy Anand!

GeniusKJ 20 days ago

Five-time World Champion GM Vishy Anand is back to teach in the May 2017 month of the Prodigy Program - the program that helped create the youngest-ever chess master in American history! Registration for the May 2017 month of the Prodigy ...

Two Ideas Against the KIA's Thumbnail

Two Ideas Against the KIA

GM alexcolovic 21 days ago

As an invitation to join my Inner Circle, I share with you a sample of my newsletter. In this one I suggest two ideas against the KIA (the "attack" in the name being rather misleading, in my opinion). Enjoy it here.

The Conspiracies of Valery Salov, Part 2's Thumbnail

The Conspiracies of Valery Salov, Part 2

Spektrowski 22 days ago

Continued from Part 1. Surov: I'll try to go to that. I've got a "fresh head" here on the platter, and I've been trying to attach some wires to it to make it talk. Evgeny Sidorov, hello! Evgeny Sidorov: Hi! Surov: What questions do you have ...

The Conspiracies of Valery Salov, Part 1's Thumbnail

The Conspiracies of Valery Salov, Part 1

Spektrowski 22 days ago

The interview I'm going to show you is... controversial and bizarre, to say the least. GM Valery Salov at one time was among the world championship contenders (and has a good score against many of his contemporaries), but in the late 1990s, he beg...


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