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Active queen against rook, bishop and knight's Thumbnail

Active queen against rook, bishop and knight

IM attilaturzo 14 hrs ago

I played the next game against the hungarian international master Sandor Farago               I played the London system and he played c5 and early b5 pawn sacrifice. He could win it back with a close to equal position, but decided to no...

Send In Your Games!'s Thumbnail

Send In Your Games!

EOGuel 1 day ago

Hello, guys and gals! Well... I just got off a big post, and am kinda bored with nothing to do!  Haha! Just kidding! But in the meantime, feel free to send me in any games you would like looked at/analyzed by this blogger, and po...

The Maroczy reloaded's Thumbnail

The Maroczy reloaded

IM attilaturzo 1 day ago

My 14 year old hungarian opponent Tamas Ongut decided to play the Maroczy Bind against me. I suspected his preparation and played a different move, than in the game before to prevent his possible exchanges.  He sacrificed a pawn for some attack...

Pressure in the Maroczy Bind's Thumbnail

Pressure in the Maroczy Bind

IM attilaturzo 2 days ago

Against the tournament leader, national master Gabriel Bick I played the hyper accelerated dragon and he decided to build up the Maroczy Bind.                              I had a hard time under the pressure and in a given moment I...

The Oldest Chess Opening?'s Thumbnail

The Oldest Chess Opening?

ArnieChipmunk 3 days ago

Although many chess fans find it boring, in my opinion it's absolutely fascinating that the Giuoco Piano, or Italian Opening, is so popular again at top grandmaster level. Isn't it wonderful that some of the oldest books about modern chess already...

European Club Cup 2017's Thumbnail

European Club Cup 2017

GM alexcolovic 3 days ago

An overview of the ECC with some comments about the top teams plus the wildest game of the tournament. http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/10/european-club-cup-2017/

Victory against american supertalent Nikhil Kumar's Thumbnail

Victory against american supertalent Nikhil Kumar

IM attilaturzo 4 days ago

Yesterday I played a supertalent from the USA, FIDE master Nikhil Kumar. He is only 13 years old and his top FIDE rating was 2479. He won the under 12 world championship in 2016.                         He played d5, c5 with Bg4 aga...

Everything Openings #1: My First Opening Bomb's Thumbnail

Everything Openings #1: My First Opening Bomb

chesster3145 6 days ago

    Hello and welcome to a new series, just my second series since the formation of this blog! Let me take a moment to tell you what Everything Openings is all about.     Ever since I hit 1400 about 18 months ago, I've had a ...

Underminig the center in the London system's Thumbnail

Underminig the center in the London system

IM attilaturzo 6 days ago

Yesterday I played against a talented 16 years old german player Theo Gungl     He played the agressive Qb6 and then c5-c4 against the London system. I think the best way to go for an advantage is an early b2-b3 and exchange the c4 pawn for ...

Struggle in the Catalan-Bogo's Thumbnail

Struggle in the Catalan-Bogo

IM attilaturzo 7 days ago

Yesterday I play a young indian talent Nadar Anand He started with the Catalan and I play Bb4 check to transpose to the Bogo-indian, but later He developed his g1 knight by e2-e3, Nge2 to keep his bishop's diagonal open. I played the usual d6-...

The London endgame's Thumbnail

The London endgame

IM attilaturzo 8 days ago

Yesterday I started to play in an International Master tournament in Budapest, Hotel Berlin. My first opponent was a young indian player rated 2281. After my last tournament which was the worst of my life I can remember. I hope to do much better t...

A vacation break...with more chess in Adelaide!'s Thumbnail

A vacation break...with more chess in Adelaide!

CM juniortay 11 days ago

End September/early October is a decent time as any to take a vacation from chess coaching. Most Singaporean students will be starting school exams or revising for them. My wife mulled over a holiday in Brisbane or Adelaide since both have chess...

A Precise Attack in Bullet's Thumbnail

A Precise Attack in Bullet

NM CoachJKane 12 days ago

I've fallen into the bad habit of playing too much one minute chess recently. The one saving grace is it occasionally leads to some nice games just because of the volume. Here's one of my better efforts from today. Enjoy!

The dress code incident, who won and who lost.'s Thumbnail

The dress code incident, who won and who lost.

GM Malev212 14 days ago

128 players started the World Cup and at the end there was a sole winner. The knock out format is cruesome, but in my opinion most democratic system used to determine the winner. Even current World Champion Magnus Carlsen took part of this comptet...

Coming Up - A Black Repertoire's Thumbnail

Coming Up - A Black Repertoire

GM alexcolovic 15 days ago

This Saturday I'm planning on making a special offer to my Inner Circle, so if you're interested read this post and subscribe to my newsletter. http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/10/opening-repertoire-black/


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