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Play a NM 4 times per month, and more perks!'s Thumbnail

Play a NM 4 times per month, and more perks!

NM aww-rats 18 hrs ago

Hello. Some of you know me already. I try to contribute material to chess.com as often as I can...I'm 62 years of age now and have been playing chess since kindergarten. I earned a master's title just shy of my 27th birthday. Just over 5 years ago...

Grenke Chess Classic 2017 - Aronian Is Back!'s Thumbnail

Grenke Chess Classic 2017 - Aronian Is Back!

GM alexcolovic 4 days ago

A round-up of the final 4 rounds in Germany and my thoughts on the players. I still cannot decide though what to be more amazed at - Aronian winning or not winning with an extra knight?! A brief look also at Shamkir, where So and Kramnik are ...

Join the Not-So PRO Chess League!'s Thumbnail

Join the Not-So PRO Chess League!

ijgeoffrey 5 days ago

Enjoyed the PRO Chess League, but were bummed that you were unable to compete? Maybe you did compete but just can't wait another year to play again? Please come join us in the Not-So PRO Chess League! It's like the PCL, but... well... not so pro. ...

Provoking Targets Free Lesson #2's Thumbnail

Provoking Targets Free Lesson #2

GeniusKJ 6 days ago

Here is the second preview lesson for Chess University's upcoming course: "Provoking and Attacking Targets." Watch it for free between now and end of April below:  Watch Preview Lesson #1 at ChessUniversity.com

Grenke Open 2017, game analysis, part 1's Thumbnail

Grenke Open 2017, game analysis, part 1

NM HustleTime 6 days ago

Hey guys! As some of you might already know, on Monday ended Grenke Open 2017 held in a nice little city Karlsruhe (at least I think it's little ) & I had the pleasure to take part in this tournament. You can see my impressions about the t...

Kostya & Isaac At The Reykjavik Open: Round 1 Recap's Thumbnail

Kostya & Isaac At The Reykjavik Open: Round 1 Recap

FM hellokostya 7 days ago

Hey folks, I'm in Reykjavik (Iceland!), playing in the Reykjavik Open! I'm staying with my friend CM Isaac Steincamp, and since it's 1 round a day at the tournament, we thought it'd be fun to post a video recap of our round each day. My first ro...

Grenke Chess Classic 2017's Thumbnail

Grenke Chess Classic 2017

GM alexcolovic 9 days ago

First a wrap-up of the Zurich Experiment and then a view of the first 3 rounds in Baden-Baden. It would have been a sensation had Hou Yifan managed go beat both Carlsen and Caruana, and she was close! Plus some strange misses by Carlsen, who ...

Grenke Open, part 2's Thumbnail

Grenke Open, part 2

NM HustleTime 10 days ago

Hi there, My goal was to bring in regular updates on how things are going at the Grenke Open for me and analyse some interesting games, however, what I have realized is that with double rounds each day and bad internet connection, it is fairly d...

Zurich Chess Challenge 2017's Thumbnail

Zurich Chess Challenge 2017

GM alexcolovic 11 days ago

I am not a big fan of the time-control in Zurich. I criticised it last year, I criticise it now.  But there are a couple of interesting openings and also the fun factor is quite good, so it is pleasant to watch. Plus some excerpts from...

Simul at 10:00 am New York time's Thumbnail

Simul at 10:00 am New York time

IM attilaturzo 12 days ago

Would you like to play against an International Master? I am Attila Turzo, an International Master and Chess Coach and I would like to invite you to play with me in a simuls on the LIVE chess.com server with 30 minuter per player plus 30 second...

Chess.com Dev Update: April 14, 2017's Thumbnail

Chess.com Dev Update: April 14, 2017

News 12 days ago

Hey Chess.com! The last couple weeks have been focused on back-end improvements in order to make Chess.com on the whole a smoother experience for all members   However, we did release some cool new features and fixed a lot of bugs!&nbs...

Blitz Chess #389: Sicilian Defense, Rossolimo's Thumbnail

Blitz Chess #389: Sicilian Defense, Rossolimo

NM ChessNetwork 13 days ago

What to do when the center is locked? Who would be quicker to strike on the wings, to help potentially activate the rooks? At what point would it be a good option for me to release the tension in the center? On this last note, analysis with the he...

Grenke Open 2017, part 1's Thumbnail

Grenke Open 2017, part 1

NM HustleTime 14 days ago

Hi! About to take off at Copenhagen airport to Grenke Open! As some of you already know, parallel with the super-strong and huge open tournament, there is going to be also a super tournament featuring players like Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aro...

The final's Thumbnail

The final

IM attilaturzo 15 days ago

Yesterday was the final game. Before the game 1 player had 6 points and I was on the 2nd place with one other player with 5 points. I wanted to win to have a chance to win the tourney. My opponent was the young Woman-FIDE master Julianna Terbe. ...

US Championship 2017 - So Good!'s Thumbnail

US Championship 2017 - So Good!

GM alexcolovic 15 days ago

Not a man to have doubts, So calmly drew his last two games and won the tie-break to win his maiden US title. I have always found this attitude (of not trying to win alone) a bit puzzling and I try to explain how I see it and why it happ...

Round 8: The Dutch Attack's Thumbnail

Round 8: The Dutch Attack

IM attilaturzo 15 days ago

Yesterday my opponent was FIDE master Mark Lyell from England, who actually lives in Hungary in Budapest. I changed the move orders and missed a pawn capture which is not good most of the time, but it was good this time. I got some counterplay a...

Team matches's Thumbnail

Team matches

IM attilaturzo 16 days ago

Our team became the 5th from 10 teams in the top league. I post the 2 games from the last rounds: I built up a very strong center, but failed to open the position and capitalize on it: In this game I played a very solid opening and neutralize...

Staff Profiles: Mike's Thumbnail

Staff Profiles: Mike

News 17 days ago

Here is another installment in a series of posts to help you get to know the Chess.com team a little better! Today, we get to know FM Mike Klein, whom we thank for his tireless efforts keeping us informed with Chess.com News and he does so much fo...


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