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A rambling rook in a blitz game's Thumbnail

A rambling rook in a blitz game

ArnieChipmunk Jul 14, 2017

Blitz games are usually a lot of fun while they're being played, but best forgotten once they're finished. Last week, however, I played a blitz game on Chess.com which actually featured a funny theme you don't hear much about. It's the so-cal...

Lasker's Psychology's Thumbnail

Lasker's Psychology

GM alexcolovic Jul 12, 2017

I think my understanding is controversial, but I firmly believe it is true. In short - there wasn't any. Read the explanation here and let me know what you think about it.

Just winging it's Thumbnail

Just winging it

GM smurfo Jul 11, 2017

These days, the extent of my chess career seems to be the odd blitz game on the net during my lunch break. It's more virtual escapism than serious training of course, but I get to try out some fun openings. One I've been enjoying a lot lately is t...

Pattern Recognition #8's Thumbnail

Pattern Recognition #8

FM zibbit Jul 10, 2017

Hi all! Check out the latest pattern recognition video. I have recently published #8 This comes right on the heels of #7 which was a very good one, check it out as well:

Leon Chess 2017's Thumbnail

Leon Chess 2017

GM alexcolovic Jul 10, 2017

An overview of the matches in Leon. I think this idea of KO matches between young talents and elite players is good one, too bad it is not widely used. A selection of games and fragments here.

Death to the Queen: Chess, Gender and Hip-Hop's Thumbnail

Death to the Queen: Chess, Gender and Hip-Hop

HipHopChess Jul 7, 2017

I was teaching a chess camp at Alameda County Juvenile Hall last week for my non-profit organization, the Hip-Hop Chess Federation.  The kids were mostly from Oakland, San Leandro, Hayward and other surrounding cities in the East Bay. Unlike ...

Review - American Chess Magazine (Issue 1)'s Thumbnail

Review - American Chess Magazine (Issue 1)

IM IM_Kgwm Jul 7, 2017

Chess has, without question, undergone a huge renaissance in the US these days. There are simply too many spectacular accomplishments: Winning the 2016 Chess Olympiad for the first time in the American chess history, Jeffrey Xiong joining a long a...

Interactive chess reader from ForwardChess's Thumbnail

Interactive chess reader from ForwardChess

GM LuckyTiger Jul 4, 2017

My book Improving the Endgame Technique is now available on interactive chess reader from ForwardChess. Even if you don't want to read about Same-Colored Bishop Endgames, I recommend you to download this App to look how the Reader works. It's muc...

Girl Power's Thumbnail

Girl Power

IM attilaturzo Jul 4, 2017

 First Saturday 2017 July International Master tournament started on Saturday. In the first round I had a free day. I asked the organizer to make Saturday free for me instead of the official free day on Thursday. He accepted my request to help me ...

Return to Chess's Thumbnail

Return to Chess

NM SidArun Jul 3, 2017

After a busy and intense first year of college, I have finally come back to studying and playing tournament chess. Hopefully with the coming school year, I can make a strong push towards 2300.  This past weekend, I played in the local Bo...

Video Game Analysis #2's Thumbnail

Video Game Analysis #2

GM alexcolovic Jul 3, 2017

The second video is up. "Candidate plans" is something rarely talked about, but it is no less important than "candidate moves." You can watch the whole video here.

My nice...loses (lose no.3)'s Thumbnail

My nice...loses (lose no.3)

GM LuckyTiger Jul 2, 2017

Hello, chess friends! Again I am going to present you the game, in which I was crushed very quickly. The main target is to show you the reasons why such failures can happen; so you will be able to avoid the same mistakes in your own games. Today's...

Final Day at HHCF Chess Camp in Juvenile Hall!!'s Thumbnail

Final Day at HHCF Chess Camp in Juvenile Hall!!

HipHopChess Jul 1, 2017

As I came in on Thursday, I had a lot swimming in my mind. I was thinking about the kid I kicked out. As per my personal rules, if I kick a kid out, he is out the day after. I was contemplating keeping him out for the week. About 20 years ag...

HHCF Juvenile Hall Chess Camp Day 2 & 3!!'s Thumbnail

HHCF Juvenile Hall Chess Camp Day 2 & 3!!

HipHopChess Jul 1, 2017

OK, so my second day I go in and things get real intense, real fast. The kid with the tats who I played and tried to connect with came in tripping. One of the things about the hall is that things happen there that you don’t know about and ca...

Chess.com Dev Update: June 30, 2017's Thumbnail

Chess.com Dev Update: June 30, 2017

News Jun 30, 2017

Hey Chess.com!  We have new goodies for everyone! Of course we've made lots of progress with our vue migration and adding multilingual content; those interested can read previous updates. Today, we've going to talk about new stuff ...

Juvenile Hall Hip-Hop Chess Camp Diary Day 1's Thumbnail

Juvenile Hall Hip-Hop Chess Camp Diary Day 1

HipHopChess Jun 30, 2017

Today the HHCF was happy to be back for another summer session at juvenile hall. As you may recall, last summer we were at Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center teaching chess and life strategies. We returned today and it was amazing. This m...

A Classic Game With a Twist's Thumbnail

A Classic Game With a Twist

GM alexcolovic Jun 30, 2017

It is always refreshing to see a book that you have read as a kid through adult's eyes. This happened to me recently with Shereshevsky's classic. And new depths discovered in a classic game. http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/07/classic-game-t...

Simul game on Saturday at 8:00 am New York time's Thumbnail

Simul game on Saturday at 8:00 am New York time

IM attilaturzo Jun 30, 2017

Would you like to play against an International Master? I am Attila Turzo, an International Master and Chess Coach and I would like to invite you to play with me in a simuls on the LIVE chess.com server with 30 minuter per player plus 30 seconds ...

The First Time I Met GM Bisguier's Thumbnail

The First Time I Met GM Bisguier

NM danheisman Jun 29, 2017

I was saddened to see the recent passing of "The Dean of American Chess", GM Arthur Bisguier. My mind immediately went back to the first time I met GM Bisguier. I will never forget it, as it was the first time a GM ever approached me! I had ju...


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