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Interesting bishop endgame: Smyslov's technique's Thumbnail

Interesting bishop endgame: Smyslov's technique

GM LuckyTiger Feb 27, 2017

In my previous post I offered you the analysis of the Gashimov-Kortchnoj. Now let's learn with 7-th World Champion Vasily Smyslov. For the fortress, which arose in the last side line, we need to post the diagram. White has a perfect defending ...

You are capable's Thumbnail

You are capable

IM attilaturzo Feb 26, 2017

Put all your excuses aside and remember this: You are capable.   Zig Ziglar – 1926-2012, Author and Speaker

Blog Migration's Thumbnail

Blog Migration

GM alexcolovic Feb 25, 2017

Don't panic. One of my favourite sentences in the English language. In case you tried to access my blog and found something strange, remember this sentence. The blog is in the process of migration to a new server. I hope to have it up and run...

Interesting bishop endgame's Thumbnail

Interesting bishop endgame

GM LuckyTiger Feb 24, 2017

Being a coach for almost 10 years, I have collected a lot of interesting materials on my computer sorted to different folders. Recently, I decided, that it is time to start sharing all this. To start I picked up the game played in the Russian Club...

How To Not Cry When You Lose's Thumbnail

How To Not Cry When You Lose

erik Feb 23, 2017

I have a saying that my kids are sick of: You are never losing when you are learning! (From Dirty Rotten Scoundrels... one of my favorite classics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4-GpfBnoYk ) ...which I usually believe. Sometimes I d...

What do you want to do?'s Thumbnail

What do you want to do?

IM attilaturzo Feb 23, 2017

Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, what do I want to do everyday for the rest of my life … Do that.   Gary Vaynerchuk – Entrepreneur

Training idea by Anand's Thumbnail

Training idea by Anand

IM attilaturzo Feb 22, 2017

"It's important, according to me, to train in small doses so as to not lose the joy of playing chess. I personally think too many coaching and training classes may take away a child's interest in the game itself. The essential thing to do is pra...

PRO Chess League Week 7 Predictions's Thumbnail

PRO Chess League Week 7 Predictions

TarjeiJS Feb 21, 2017

Here are my PRO Chess predictions for week 7! Eastern Division: Mumbai Movers 8,5-7,5Gorky Stormbringers Johannesburg Koeksister 9Shymkent Nomads 7 Budapest Gambit 6,5Delhi Dynamite 9,5 Belgrade Sparrows 6Riga Magicians 10 Ljubljana Di...

Pre-Playoff Punches!'s Thumbnail

Pre-Playoff Punches!

shaun Feb 21, 2017

This will be an interesting one to watch.  Many teams have clinched their playoff spots, and I expect them to play with a little less fervor.  However, many teams are battling to make it in, and I expect them to go ALL OUT.  Here ...

PRO Chess League Week 7 prediction's Thumbnail

PRO Chess League Week 7 prediction

IM RobertRis Feb 21, 2017

Eastern Division: Mumbai-Gorky: 9-7 Johannesburg-Shymkent 7-9 Budapest-Delhi 9.5-6.5 Belgrade-Riga 6-10 Ljubljana-Norway 7-9   Central Division: Hamburg-London Lions 10-6 Dublin-Abuja 10-6 Amsterdam-Marseille 7-9 Lagos-Reykjavik 5-1...

Initial excitement's Thumbnail

Initial excitement

IM attilaturzo Feb 19, 2017

"Among a great many other things that chess teaches you is to control the initial excitement you feel when you see something that looks good. It trains you to think before grabbing and to think just as objectively when you're in trouble." Stanl...

Daring ideas - Goethe's Thumbnail

Daring ideas - Goethe

IM attilaturzo Feb 18, 2017

“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.”  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Pro Chess League's Thumbnail

The Pro Chess League

GM alexcolovic Feb 17, 2017

It's been a fun ride so far hope it goes on! My experience with the Pro Chess League and some short comments on the games. Unfortunately without the game viewer, it seems the Blogger platform is experiencing problems with the board. In the ...

Simul game with International Master Attila Turzo's Thumbnail

Simul game with International Master Attila Turzo

IM attilaturzo Feb 16, 2017

  Would you like to play against an International Master? I am Attila Turzo, an International Master and Chess Coach and I would like to invite you to play with me in a simul on the LIVE chess.com server with 30 minuter per player plu...

IM Yaacovn vs IM wonderfultime (5 chess games)'s Thumbnail

IM Yaacovn vs IM wonderfultime (5 chess games)

NM ChessNetwork Feb 15, 2017

Two strong International Masters, Yaacov Norowitz from the United States, and Minh Le from Vietnam plays some chess games on the live server.  I kibitz 5 of their blitz chess games with time control 3|0. Both players seem to have had a preference ...

PRO Chess League Week 6 Predictions's Thumbnail

PRO Chess League Week 6 Predictions

TarjeiJS Feb 15, 2017

Good day! Had a horrible last prediction week and for the first time I am no longer in the lead among the pundits. Hope to recover this week! Eastern Division: Odisha 9Gorky 7 Shymkent 5Budapest 11 Mumbai 6,5Riga 9,5 Nor...

PRO Chess League - Week 5 Recap + Week 6 Preview!'s Thumbnail

PRO Chess League - Week 5 Recap + Week 6 Preview!

FM hellokostya Feb 15, 2017

The San Jose Hackers (3-2) bounced back with a huge win over the Budapest Gambit (3-2) last Saturday in Week 5 of the PRO Chess League. This was a hugely important win for the Hackers, as we kept our playoff hopes very much alive in the Pacific Di...

PRO Chess League Week 6 Predictions's Thumbnail

PRO Chess League Week 6 Predictions

NM nmpdk Feb 14, 2017

Back to a weekday! Last week featured some fantastic matchups. Wednesday's games should be no different. Here's how I think it will shake out: Eastern Division:   Odisha - Gorky 7-9 Shymkent - Budapest 7-9 Amaravat...


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