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Jobava Attack as the Main Weapon's Thumbnail

Jobava Attack as the Main Weapon

IndreRe 20 days ago

Happy New Year Everybody!  I thought I'd kick it off with a post on an opening which I'm sure we'll see a lot this year, the Jobava (or Jobava-Prie) Attack (d4+Bf4+Nc3). It's related to both the London (d4+Bf4+e3&c3) and the Veresov ...

Concrete Problems, Part 3's Thumbnail

Concrete Problems, Part 3

chesster3145 23 days ago

    It's a Christmas miracle. For a while, I was struggling to find a topic for this post. I was feeling more inspired by writing Blogosphere Monthly News than by thinking about this, and the list of topics was running dry. I had i...

Carlsen Lost Due To An Illegal Move!!! (TAKEN BACK!)'s Thumbnail

Carlsen Lost Due To An Illegal Move!!! (TAKEN BACK!)

EOGuel 23 days ago

I just have to share. Magnus Carlsen lost round 1 of the World Blitz Championships! Magnus Carlsen was White and just played Rxb7+. His opponent, Ernesto Inarkiev, ignored this, and played Nd3+! So Carlsen called the arbiter, ri...

The Macedonian Variation's Thumbnail

The Macedonian Variation

GM alexcolovic 24 days ago

I never imagined it existed in the English Opening! And it appears it is chess.com's invention, but only in German! Go figure... http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/12/the-macedonian-variation/

My Win On The Chess TV Stage's Thumbnail

My Win On The Chess TV Stage

EOGuel 24 days ago

Hello! I recently discovered a streamer going by the username @myteachersam. Sam is simply an amateur chess player who streams for chess.com. From my understanding, he takes on all users in various time controls, and trash talks ...

Playing Down's Thumbnail

Playing Down

Blunderprone 25 days ago

Because of the busy schedule, I committed to chess by starting a club at work during lunch time. There are a lot of folks who “play-only-on-chess.com” and were eager to playing someone who played “seriously” or at least, us...

World Rapid and Blitz coverage's Thumbnail

World Rapid and Blitz coverage

FM zibbit 25 days ago

Hi all, I have plenty of game coverage from the World Rapid and Blitz Tournament being played now in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Check out my YouTube channel for Master analysis of the games! Click on the video and then check out my channel for ...

Merry Christmas & Meet Chess University's Leaders!'s Thumbnail

Merry Christmas & Meet Chess University's Leaders!

GeniusKJ 28 days ago

ChessUniversity.com is happy to announce that we've got our core executive team together just in time for 2018. Meet the leaders of Chess University: 1. Kairav Joshi, President and CEO 2. FM Dalton Perrine, Director of Instruction and Scholastic ...

Merry Christmas's Thumbnail

Merry Christmas

GM alexcolovic 28 days ago

Wishing you all a wonderful time with a game that is not to be found in the database! http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/12/merry-christmas-2/

Why I play 1. d4 Over 1. e4's Thumbnail

Why I play 1. d4 Over 1. e4

EOGuel 30 days ago

Hello, guys! Today, I decided to settle once and for all the reasons I play 1. d4 over 1. e4.  Before I begin, I do want to note that my intention is not to make the case why 1. d4 is a better move than 1. e4. I do not believe...

Blitz with Master Commentary's Thumbnail

Blitz with Master Commentary

FM zibbit 30 days ago

On my channel which is now very active I post various content and I will keep posting games with Master commentary. If you have any feedback on what type of content you would like to see on my YouTube channel please don't hesitate to let me know! ...

"Do you still play chess yourself?"

PeterDoggers Dec 21, 2017

"Do you still play chess yourself?" This is the question I get the most when meeting chess fans, colleagues or other people at top tournaments when I'm reporting there for Chess.com.  The answer is: sometimes. I hardly play tournaments th...

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