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Garry Kasparov TED Talk's Thumbnail

Garry Kasparov TED Talk

SonofPearl Jun 21, 2017

Garry Kasparov has been actively promoting his latest book Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins in recent months, and this has included a TED talk which is now available to view online. The talk and the b...

Caro-Kann Repertoire for Black's Thumbnail

Caro-Kann Repertoire for Black

GM alexcolovic Jun 21, 2017

An outline of a possible repertoire with some ideas in the main lines. Plus a free download of the discussed lines. http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/06/caro-kann-black/

An 'easy' pawn ending's Thumbnail

An 'easy' pawn ending

CM juniortay Jun 20, 2017

I've been coaching endings more frequently these days, due to a parent's request to work on her kid's endings. There was this particular pawn ending that I found intriguing as general principles of endings actually hinder the winning process and a...

My First Win In Thirty Years!'s Thumbnail

My First Win In Thirty Years!

SonofPearl Jun 19, 2017

Welcome once again to my blog, where I have decided to analyse all my OTB (Over The Board) chess games for my local club Pontypridd played during the season 2016/17. After abandoning competitive chess at the tender age of sixteen to focus on the s...

From AVRO 1938 to Norway Chess and back's Thumbnail

From AVRO 1938 to Norway Chess and back

ArnieChipmunk Jun 19, 2017

Last week I went to Norway, to see the strongest chess tournament since AVRO 1938. The legendary AVRO tournament, held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has captured my imagination ever since my granddad, who taught me the rules of chess, told me a...

Why I didn't write's Thumbnail

Why I didn't write

GM smurfo Jun 18, 2017

So, I finally wrote a post on my site to explain (sort of) my 8-month writing break. No chess content, but some insights into the weird world of economics academia: http://www.davidsmerdon.com/?p=1903

My nice...loses (lose no.2)'s Thumbnail

My nice...loses (lose no.2)

GM LuckyTiger Jun 18, 2017

Let me present you my another quick lose, in which I demonstrated an absense of feel of danger. The game has been played in one of the most strange tournaments in my life. Ukrainian championship U-20 was extremely strong in 2006. We had 3 2500+ pl...

Norway Chess R9: Bring the big guys in!'s Thumbnail

Norway Chess R9: Bring the big guys in!

Erle Jun 17, 2017

Your king is your most important piece. If it gets check mated, you lose - no matter how strong your position might be. Therefor, the general rule is to keep it safe, hide it, put it behind a wall of pawns, and watch over it as it was your own kid...

Norway Chess 2017 Round 9's Thumbnail

Norway Chess 2017 Round 9

GM alexcolovic Jun 16, 2017

One of the strongest tournaments in history finished with a resounding victory for Aronian. He is clearly the best player in the world at the moment! Caruana spoiled Nakamura's tournament but improved his own. And Kramnik humiliated Giri i...

Norway Chess R8: To exchange, or not to exchange?'s Thumbnail

Norway Chess R8: To exchange, or not to exchange?

Erle Jun 16, 2017

Chess is a brutal game. After hours of struggling, clever thought and great moves it all often comes down to one critical moment, where the decision you make will determine whether your previous hard work will pay off, or go to waste.  One ...

Join LAST Regular Prodigy Program Month - June 2017's Thumbnail

Join LAST Regular Prodigy Program Month - June 2017

GeniusKJ Jun 16, 2017

Registration for the June 2017 month of the Prodigy Program is still open for our 900+, 1200+, 1500+, and 1750+ Elo sections. Renown coach and commentator IM Lawrence Trent will also teach in the Prodigy Program this month. Join the program that...

Mikhail Chigorin Club's Thumbnail

Mikhail Chigorin Club

Spektrowski Jun 16, 2017

Russian chess statistician Vitaly Gnirenko has compiled a list of all players who defeated a reigning classical world champion in a game with classical control. Below is the chronological table of players joining the club. For the sake of convenie...

Norway Chess 2017 Round 8's Thumbnail

Norway Chess 2017 Round 8

GM alexcolovic Jun 15, 2017

Carlsen showed a Champion's character today and won deservedly. It doesn't matter that he went close to losing. He refused to give up on a bad tournament and his courage was awarded! And Kramnik lost, another topsy-turvy tournament just li...

Norway Chess R7: The unbelievable miss of the World Champion's Thumbnail

Norway Chess R7: The unbelievable miss of the World Cha...

Erle Jun 15, 2017

Little has gone right for Magnus Carlsen in this year's issue of Altibox Norway Chess 2017. The world champion has suffered two losses, and his play has been anything but what we are used to see. With weak openings, weird looking decisions, unco...

Pioneers of Soviet women's chess's Thumbnail

Pioneers of Soviet women's chess

Spektrowski Jun 15, 2017

Small biographical articles written by Elizaveta Bykova in the early 1950s for her book Sovetskie Shakhmatistki, with relevant games and interviews if there were any included. Games annotated by Bykova unless noted otherwise. Players listed in th...

My nice...loses (lose no.1)'s Thumbnail

My nice...loses (lose no.1)

GM LuckyTiger Jun 14, 2017

Dear chess friends! Most of us used to recollect own combinations, that telling everyone about our unique tactical vision. But how often do you recollect own loses? I decided to break down this wall and to share with you a few of my loses. Here t...

Norway Chess 2017 Round 7's Thumbnail

Norway Chess 2017 Round 7

GM alexcolovic Jun 14, 2017

Mafiosi time in Norway. Three Giuoco Pianos and one Sicilian. Carlsen crushed, Vachier forgets and Aronian stomps the Minister of Defence. Full report here.

Norway Chess R6: Avoiding (and exploiting) Fabiano's attack's Thumbnail

Norway Chess R6: Avoiding (and exploiting) Fabiano's at...

Erle Jun 13, 2017

Have you ever panicked as your opponent castles on the opposite side of you - fearing the upcoming attack and not knowing how to deal with it? Their pawns rush so fast, your king becomes so weak, and in the end - you become so easily mated. I woul...

What Is Your Chess Story?'s Thumbnail

What Is Your Chess Story?

USChessFederation Jun 13, 2017

"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today." -Robert McKee Stories can entertain, inspire, and offer experiences to relate to. Through the many mediums of storytelling available today (books, videos, spok...

Norway Chess 2017 Round 6's Thumbnail

Norway Chess 2017 Round 6

GM alexcolovic Jun 12, 2017

Aronian marches on! He obliterated Kramnik and now leads with Nakamura, a full point ahead of the others. It is a rare sight to have Kramnik surprised in the opening and the effects were immediate. The game was practically a miniature. ...

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