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Lessons in Defense (2/7/2017)'s Thumbnail

Lessons in Defense (2/7/2017)

NM linlaoda Feb 7, 2017

You will find below an exercise which tests your defensive skills. Solving these will help you improve your positional chess. Black to move and defend

My Chess Super Bowl's Thumbnail

My Chess Super Bowl

NM CoachJKane Feb 7, 2017

Hi chess friends, This past Sunday, while many other Americans were preparing for the Super Bowl, I played in the first round of the Northern Virginia Chess League against Grandmaster Jesse Kraai. In our previous meeting in the league he beat me ...

Changing's Thumbnail


IM attilaturzo Feb 7, 2017

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.   Leo Tolstoy – 1828-1910, Writer

Thanks's Thumbnail


IM attilaturzo Feb 6, 2017

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.   Gilbert K. Chesterton – 1874-1936, Writer and Theologian

Vidit Joins Goldchess's Thumbnail

Vidit Joins Goldchess

GM alexcolovic Feb 6, 2017

A very good game by GM Vidit from the Olympiad where he beat Naiditsch with black. The domination at the end is very pretty. But what I found curious in this game is that white only committed one mistake and he was immediately lost! Sometimes c...

PRO League Week 4 Highlights's Thumbnail

PRO League Week 4 Highlights

IM dpruess Feb 4, 2017

Here some highlights from week 4 of the PRO Chess League. One of the big stories of the week was that of 6 3-0 teams, only 1 made it to 4-0, the San Diego Surfers with an impressive upset win over the feared San Jose Hackers. I have two videos...

Lessons in Positional Chess (2.4.17)'s Thumbnail

Lessons in Positional Chess (2.4.17)

NM linlaoda Feb 4, 2017

You will find below an exercise which tests your positional skills. Solving these will help you improve your positional chess. Black to play. White just played 1. a2-a4. What should Black do? Should we force things?

Simul at 1:00 pm New York, 6:00 pm London time's Thumbnail

Simul at 1:00 pm New York, 6:00 pm London time

IM attilaturzo Feb 4, 2017

Would you like to play against an International Master? I am Attila Turzo, an International Master and Chess Coach and I would like to invite you to play with me in a simuls on the LIVE chess.com server with 30 minuter per player plus 30 seconds ...

Lawrence Trent Joins Chess University!'s Thumbnail

Lawrence Trent Joins Chess University!

GeniusKJ Feb 4, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, We are happy to announce that International Master Lawrence Trent will be teaching in the February 2017 month of the Prodigy Program! Lawrence is known for his phenomenal commentary at super tournaments such as the London...

Basic Strategy - The Berlin Structure's Thumbnail

Basic Strategy - The Berlin Structure

NM ih8sens Feb 3, 2017

When I'm in a good mood and decide I want to ruin it, I go online and find a live broadcast and watch the chat.  What I see there is 50 or so people talking about how 'boring' a particular game is because the computer is showing "0.00" or "0....

Abundance's Thumbnail


IM attilaturzo Feb 3, 2017

Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.   Epicurus – 341-270 B.C., Philosopher

Riga Magicians - PRO Chess League Round 2-4: Recap's Thumbnail

Riga Magicians - PRO Chess League Round 2-4: Recap

NM HustleTime Feb 3, 2017

Hey guys! It has been a couple of weeks since my last post, which doesn't mean that the past weeks have been uneventful - in fact, it's quite the opposite and due to crazy amount of things happening in the same time, I have not had a chance t...

Gratitude's Thumbnail


IM attilaturzo Feb 2, 2017

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.   William Arthur Ward – 1921-1994

PRO League Week 4 Pacific Predictions's Thumbnail

PRO League Week 4 Pacific Predictions

IM dpruess Feb 1, 2017

My predictions for which teams will win in week 4: Hackers 8.5-7.5 Super close match that could go either way. The Hackers are very vulnerable without stars Mamedyarov and Naroditsky. They will need a few points from Aleskerov and Kavutskiy to...

Secrets of Pro Chess League, Week 4!'s Thumbnail

Secrets of Pro Chess League, Week 4!

shaun Jan 31, 2017

After this prolifically prodigious prestidigitator properly predicted the two biggest upsets of the last two weeks, I feel safe in saying that the next great PCL surprise is contained in the predictions below. Don't believe me? Well too bad! His...

My 9 Year Old Student Vs. Bobby Fischer's Thumbnail

My 9 Year Old Student Vs. Bobby Fischer

NM CoachJKane Jan 31, 2017

A student of mine recently lost a couple of tough games in the Dragon, so we analyzed the famous game, Fischer - Larsen (1958). Fischer analyzed it in his "60 Memorable Games" and Kasparov built on that analysis in his Great Predecessors series.  ...

PRO Chess League Week 4 Predictions's Thumbnail

PRO Chess League Week 4 Predictions

TarjeiJS Jan 31, 2017

I have moved from Wijk aan Zee to the beautiful Gibraltar, where maybe the #1 open event in the world takes place. I still have some time to make my weekly PROChess predictions though, especially as I am still in the lead after 3 rounds am...

PRO Chess League Week 4 prediction's Thumbnail

PRO Chess League Week 4 prediction

IM RobertRis Jan 31, 2017

  Eastern Division:   Shymkent-Delhi: 4-12 Amaravati-Riga: 7-9 Mumbai-Belgrade: 10-6 Budapest-Odisha: 7-9 Ljubljana-Johanessburg: 13-3 Norway-Gorky: 10-6   Central Division:   Amsterdam-London Lions: 7-9...

Blunder Checking lessons (1/31/17)'s Thumbnail

Blunder Checking lessons (1/31/17)

NM linlaoda Jan 30, 2017

You will find below an exercise which tests your blunder checking skills. Solving these will help you improve your overall chess. Is ...Ne5 a good move for Black? Why not?

An Instructive Moment's Thumbnail

An Instructive Moment

NM ih8sens Jan 30, 2017

After a long game full of errors we reached the following position.  This is from the 2016 Sudbury Ch. Black to move... It's a good thing I had a fair bit of time left on my clock, because it took me nearly 35 minutes to make a decisio...


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