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The final's Thumbnail

The final

IM attilaturzo Apr 12, 2017

Yesterday was the final game. Before the game 1 player had 6 points and I was on the 2nd place with one other player with 5 points. I wanted to win to have a chance to win the tourney. My opponent was the young Woman-FIDE master Julianna Terbe. ...

US Championship 2017 - So Good!'s Thumbnail

US Championship 2017 - So Good!

GM alexcolovic Apr 12, 2017

Not a man to have doubts, So calmly drew his last two games and won the tie-break to win his maiden US title. I have always found this attitude (of not trying to win alone) a bit puzzling and I try to explain how I see it and why it happ...

Round 8: The Dutch Attack's Thumbnail

Round 8: The Dutch Attack

IM attilaturzo Apr 11, 2017

Yesterday my opponent was FIDE master Mark Lyell from England, who actually lives in Hungary in Budapest. I changed the move orders and missed a pawn capture which is not good most of the time, but it was good this time. I got some counterplay a...

Team matches's Thumbnail

Team matches

IM attilaturzo Apr 11, 2017

Our team became the 5th from 10 teams in the top league. I post the 2 games from the last rounds: I built up a very strong center, but failed to open the position and capitalize on it: In this game I played a very solid opening and neutralize...

Staff Profiles: Mike's Thumbnail

Staff Profiles: Mike

News Apr 10, 2017

Here is another installment in a series of posts to help you get to know the Chess.com team a little better! Today, we get to know FM Mike Klein, whom we thank for his tireless efforts keeping us informed with Chess.com News and he does so much fo...

Team championship weekend preview's Thumbnail

Team championship weekend preview

IM attilaturzo Apr 10, 2017

The games went well, I played 2 draws, one against a strong International Master and the other against an over 2400 junior. I will post the games soon. Today morning was very busy, We bring our daughter to a regular check for the doctor. She is ve...

Assessing the Players' Dominance with Rating's Thumbnail

Assessing the Players' Dominance with Rating

Spektrowski Apr 9, 2017

I've already compiled stats on the most dominant players in history. But during the long discussion in the CAPS thread ("Who was the best world champion?"), I also thought about rating inflation over the years. Fischer was head and shoulders ahead...

US Championship 2017 - So or Who?'s Thumbnail

US Championship 2017 - So or Who?

GM alexcolovic Apr 8, 2017

Things happened in Saint Louis, but it all seems to be going So's way. The way Caruana lost is unbelievable, the way Nakamura lost is incredible. And So's combination against Xiong is wonderful. Read the full report here.

Round 7: When speed matters's Thumbnail

Round 7: When speed matters

IM attilaturzo Apr 8, 2017

Today I played with the young swedish FIDE-master Tom Rydstrom  He played a new system where we castled the opposite side. I got a very good, possible winning position, but I falied in calculation and in the time trouble I made a queen move which...

Chess.com - Nine Years's Thumbnail

Chess.com - Nine Years

benws Apr 7, 2017

A quick little post today. Here's a game I recently saw with a pretty cool final sequence from Fabiano Caruana. See if you can spot it!

Round 6: Victory with 2 pieces against the rook's Thumbnail

Round 6: Victory with 2 pieces against the rook

IM attilaturzo Apr 7, 2017

Yesterday the game started with a suprise for me. This was the free day when instead of round 6 game we played round 7 game, so instead of being with white I needed to play black. I totally forgot about it. I just rememberd the day before yesterda...

Round 5: Powerful Play against the Petroff's Thumbnail

Round 5: Powerful Play against the Petroff

IM attilaturzo Apr 6, 2017

My opponent said, the Petroff was a suprise for him. He used a lot of time in the opening to find moves to exchange pieces and go for an equal position. I refused the queen exchange and eveloped my pieces, but my normal looking castle was a mist...

US Championship 2017's Thumbnail

US Championship 2017

GM alexcolovic Apr 5, 2017

One of the most interesting national championships, the US Championship is under way in Saint Louis. So is ahead followed by a lot of players, should be exciting until the end. Here's my analysis of the first 6 rounds - http://www.alexco...

Round 4: A bishop knightmare's Thumbnail

Round 4: A bishop knightmare

IM attilaturzo Apr 5, 2017

Yesterday I played with white against FIDE-master Petter Stigar from Norway. He played the closed variation of the Catalan opening and made a suprise move on move 6. He put the bishop to d6 instead of e7. I exchanged the dark bishops to weakening ...

Round 3: Victory with the Slav's Thumbnail

Round 3: Victory with the Slav

IM attilaturzo Apr 4, 2017

Yesterday analysed a lot and then had a nice little walk with Eszter before lunch. I had more time than yesterday to prepare against the young english player Alistair Hill I found no games from him in the Slav, so I hoped I will be better prepared...

Round 2: Cracking under the pressure's Thumbnail

Round 2: Cracking under the pressure

IM attilaturzo Apr 3, 2017

Yesterday I spent too much time on analyzing the 1st round game and writing the blog post, so I did have very little time for preparing to my game. I played with Kazbek Primbatov from Kazakhstan. He is in a good form. Before this tourney He playe...

Shenzhen 2017 - Ding Liren Wins's Thumbnail

Shenzhen 2017 - Ding Liren Wins

GM alexcolovic Apr 2, 2017

Ding Liren won on home turf and he did it very convincingly. I was impressed by his excellent technique - in my previous post I showed his endgame win against Svidler, while in the second half of the tournament he outplayed his compatri...

1st round victory against Grandmaster Zlatko Ilincic's Thumbnail

1st round victory against Grandmaster Zlatko Ilincic

IM attilaturzo Apr 2, 2017

The day before yesterday I had a busy day. I decided to move my work place from hime to an office, because our daughter Eszter started to speak and in the office I will be able to concentrate move when I am teaching or doing other things. I broug...

Chess.com Dev Update - March 31, 2017's Thumbnail

Chess.com Dev Update - March 31, 2017

News Mar 31, 2017

Hey Chess.com! Live Chess was king this week! We released lots of improvements and fixed several bugs mostly involving live chess. Here is the run down: Live Chess - Looking for a new cool way to show your immortal game? We have an...

Preparation day 8: Dutch defense, English opening's Thumbnail

Preparation day 8: Dutch defense, English opening

IM attilaturzo Mar 30, 2017

I started my preparation with a 3 minutes game where my opponent played the Dutch stonewall. I forgot my line and moved into a nice tactics. I nearly saved the game by time, but lost at the end. This was the game: Then I started to review the ...

Free Video Lesson On Attacking Targets With Kairav!'s Thumbnail

Free Video Lesson On Attacking Targets With Kairav!

GeniusKJ Mar 30, 2017

Hello everybody! I have recorded a video lesson on attacking targets as a preview for my upcoming live course, which will be taught this April. This 35-minute preview video lesson is ABSOLUTELY FREE and can be viewed at ChessUniversity.com where...

Blitz Chess #387: Sicilian Defense, Wing Gambit's Thumbnail

Blitz Chess #387: Sicilian Defense, Wing Gambit

NM ChessNetwork Mar 30, 2017

White plays the Wing Gambit in reply to the Sicilian Defense. Its point, as is the case with nearly all gambits, is to open lines and accentuate one's development. If one is not familiar with an open game that quickly turns dynamic, tipping one's ...


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