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Incredible coaching offer for U16's Thumbnail

Incredible coaching offer for U16

FM alexsuper1987 Jan 26, 2017

Hi chess friends! I want to inform you about my new coaching offer for U16, so if you have sons with the passion of chess this is the right time to take a teacher ! U8 Offer --- Is your son under age 8? I offer a trial lesson with a spe...

Lessons in Positional Chess (1.25.17)'s Thumbnail

Lessons in Positional Chess (1.25.17)

NM linlaoda Jan 25, 2017

You will find below an exercise which tests your positional skills. Solving these will help you improve your positional chess. White to move: Find the first move and short plan

PRO League Week 3 Pacific Predictions's Thumbnail

PRO League Week 3 Pacific Predictions

IM dpruess Jan 25, 2017

Week 3 predictions for the Pacific Division. I'll be commenting live with Yermo again tonight on chess.com/tv ~6:30-9:30 pm pacific time. Happy to hear your predictions in the comments section, but I think this week we have 4 mismatches that won't...

PRO Chess League week 3 Predictions's Thumbnail

PRO Chess League week 3 Predictions

NM nmpdk Jan 24, 2017

Undeterred by the fact that I am in last place amongst the predicting crowd (week 1 did not go so well...) I carry on with my bold predictions! The PRO Chess League has been a bevy of excitement. I've always thought this was the way to popula...

January 2022 Rating List's Thumbnail

January 2022 Rating List

NM smarterchess Jan 24, 2017

It's 2017 and Magnus Carlsen is still the world champion after defeating Karjakin in Rapid tiebreaks.  In this post we will project the World Top 10 List in January 2022. Projection Methodology Find the World Rank and Age of a...

PCL Predictions 3: Nostradamus In the HOUSE's Thumbnail

PCL Predictions 3: Nostradamus In the HOUSE

shaun Jan 24, 2017

This blog certainly had its doubters after week 1, but who has two thumbs and knew that the Towers would CRUSH the Lions?   THIS GUY! With a good showing yesterday, we've come up to the middle of the crystal ball prediction pack, and we'l...

PRO Chess League Week 3 Predictions's Thumbnail

PRO Chess League Week 3 Predictions

TarjeiJS Jan 24, 2017

Currently in Wijk aan Zee where round 9 is about to start, so I'll have to make this prediction post very quick. Pleased to know that I am in the lead among the pundits and hopefully it will remain that way after this: Eastern: Delhi 11...

PRO Chess League Week 3 prediction's Thumbnail

PRO Chess League Week 3 prediction

IM RobertRis Jan 24, 2017

Hi all,   Check out my predictions for Week 3 here below. Too busy with my regular work, so unfortunately no time to go more into detail. So far I haven't been brilliant at predicting the results, but I'm sure I will close in on the other...

Blitz Chess #382: Catalan Opening, Closed's Thumbnail

Blitz Chess #382: Catalan Opening, Closed

NM ChessNetwork Jan 23, 2017

This is a blitz chess game I played as white with time control 5|0. The opening played was the Catalan Opening, Closed. What to do when one side has a space advantage? Keeping all minor pieces on board can make life a little difficult for the side...

Wijk aan Zee 2017 Heating Up's Thumbnail

Wijk aan Zee 2017 Heating Up

GM alexcolovic Jan 22, 2017

A lot of interesting stuff happened in the last several rounds: many blunders and excitement! Probably both Carlsen and Giri missing a mate in 3 tops everything, although Karjakin and Aronian missing a simple 2-move tactic comes close enough!...

Wijk aan Wely 2017's Thumbnail

Wijk aan Wely 2017

GM alexcolovic Jan 19, 2017

No, it's not a typo. Read on and you'll see why. My first impressions and of course, the local heroes. http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/01/wijk-aan-wely-2017.html

PRO League Week 2 Pacific Predictions's Thumbnail

PRO League Week 2 Pacific Predictions

IM dpruess Jan 18, 2017

Last week I predicted the results of 5/6 Pacific Division matches matches correctly, but my methodology was completely incorrect. Having not seen many of these players in 15 min chess action, it was hard to know who was better or worse at the...

Riga Magicians vs Norway Gnomes recap!'s Thumbnail

Riga Magicians vs Norway Gnomes recap!

NM HustleTime Jan 17, 2017

Hey guys! Check out the recap video of the PRO chess league Round 1 match Riga Magicians vs Norway Gnomes match! Follow us on Facebook here to learn more about our team and see some exciting chess content!   https://www.youtube.com/wat...

PRO Chess League week 2 Predictions's Thumbnail

PRO Chess League week 2 Predictions

NM nmpdk Jan 17, 2017

Apparently, my deep and intricate method of picking teams to win purely based on their awesome name choice was severely flawed, as I managed to score less than 50% in my week one predictions, managing to accurately project the winner in only 11/24...

PCL is Back and Ready for Love!'s Thumbnail

PCL is Back and Ready for Love!

shaun Jan 17, 2017

Welcome back guys to another round of predictions.  As you may have noticed, I was pretty much the 3rd best crystal ball last week in our predictions competition.  Since I was tied for third and there's five of us, I think it's clear tha...


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