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Chess Lectures

Chess Lectures

Location: Florida
Founded: Jan 22, 2017
Members: 242

This group was created by an intermediate chess player who loves to share all his knowledge.Right now his current FIDE elo is 1465.He wants to post about every single lesson which he learnt from his master..His aim is to make this group more and more suitable for any beginner or intermediate chess players.His main ideas of posting in this group is to post about the chess middlegames and some openings plans and he will also consider everyone's vote about what they wants to learn .So feel free to join us . He also created a youtube channel recently about chess. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr9CAMIPJIBc262-ArKCWhA


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    Ãbhi | North Carolina, United States

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    Abhi Yadav | USA, United States

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