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Vulcan Science Academy

Vulcan Science Academy

ShiKahr, Planet Vulcan, Beta Quadrant,  |   Founded: Jan 22, 2013
Members: 499
Peace and long life. The Vulcan Science Academy is the most prestigious science and research educational institute within Federation space. Our university, which predates the founding of the United Federation of Planets, is dedicated to achieving higher levels of chess understanding and improvement. Together, we learn through logical discussions in Vote Chess, rigorous scientific analysis of our games, opening research, and a careful observation of chess masters. Our latest project explores statistical randomness in chess, specifically, Fischer Random (Chess960). Please join us in examining the Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations of this interesting chess variant. Our study group is affiliated with STARFLEET ACADEMY and functions under the administration of Vulcan High Command. We are part of the Star Trek Team Chess League (STTCL). Live long and prosper.


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    Jeff Rodgers | Playing Chess in Cyber Space :)), United States

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