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European Cities League
This group was made for all the admins of teams who participate in European Cities League (ECL). If you are admin of any group of city and want to ...
Team Odessa - Жемчужина у моря
Кибер-сборная Одессы ⚓️ была создана в апреле 2016-го. Наша команда - одна из самых первых украинских городских сборных на сайте. Играем в Дневные...
Chanakya Chess Club
Hello everyone! This is the official club of Chanakya Chess Club(CCC). We have been in this field for 13 years. Chanakya Chess Club is a profession...
Custom Variants
Home for custom games enthusiasts in the Variants server. Submit and share new custom positions, your best wins, and your favourite wheel of fortun...
Admiral_ChessBeard Fan Club
YOU have an exclusive invite to join the most popular and active fan club on! None other then the famous ChessNerd (CN) Admiral_ChessBear...
The Arizonians
For all chess players, who love to open horizons !!! 
Asia National Team
Here is your invitation to join Asia National Team. The purpose to rebuild this Club is to bring all Asia chess players together, make good friends...
1.e4 Lovers
"Best by test...with 1.e4! I win"  –Bobby Fischer 1.e4 has generally been considered a "beginners' opening" – but we are proud to say we put our ...
Olá, O clube SMESP destina-se a estudantes, ex-alunos e professores da Rede Municipal de Ensino da Cidade de São Paulo. Por ele, organizaremos mui...
Welcome to 'Korça-City' ! This team represents the southeastern city of Albania, 'Korça', in the 'World Cities League', but it is open for everybod...
girls on Life
Club for ladies only. Matches with other clubs are not played. (Internal tournaments only) Thank you. Glory to God.
Not-So Pro Blitz Chess League
Not-So Pro Blitz Chess League! A blitz focused club. We have a NSPCL (Not-So Pro Chess League) style league,  You join a team of 6 and play 6 rou...
Fair Play Tournaments
Tournaments with minimum random games played as an entry requirement.
Nice people club
 This is an amazing, and wonderful club full of nice people. In this club, we will be nice and kind to each other. I will also make sure that every...
Zimbabwe Chess Kings and Queens
New team for all Zimbabwean Chess lovers. We play team matches, votechess and league Championships (including TMCL, TMCL960 and CLUB CHES...
The Cattastic Chess League
Do you like cats? Then this is the purrfect place for you. 
Turniej Szachowy SSPG-2023
Oficjalny Klub Szachowy SSPG na którym odbędzie się turniej dla studentów Politechniki Gdańskiej.
Los Angeles Chess Club - LACC
Welcome to THE GOLDEN STATE Enjoy your stay, let's have fun, chat, chill, learn and play some chess! Would love active members that want to play t...
Team Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, es un equipo para ajedrecistas que viven en la Provincia o en la Ciu...
Team Louisiana
This group is for Louisiana Chess Players to represent our state in the U.S. Chess League and against all other teams. Our members are encouraged t...
Winners Union
Welcome to Winners Union! As you can see, we're a new club. Our aim is to build an elite community of winners. Enjoy Club Matches, Arenas, Swiss To...