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Open Ideas
The Open ideas is a fast growing debating club. We talk about Religion, Politics and about everything you could imagine. Join today for a relaxing...
opening book club
This club is test out all openings across the board
Club Giveaway - Sponsored by THC
All you have to do to enter is join this club and comment in the forum. The winner will be announced on December 25. The winner gets ownership of t...
The Big Greek Fan Club
Das ist das offizielle Team von The Big Greek auf! Ich veröffentliche täglich ein Video auf meinem YouTube-Kanal und streame regelmäßig a...
8 Player Chess
We use the club forums (and, a daily webpage and much more) to play 8 Player Chess. We are developing a live server and a mobile a...
The Diverse Chess Society
  🌍 Welcome to The Diverse Chess Society! 🌍 At The Diverse Chess Society, we believe that chess is a universal language that transcends borders, ...
Clash of Kings Royal
In this club, you can play chess with others, participate in community events, and compete in live and daily matches and arenas.
The Green Team
Hello everyone! Welcome to The Green Team 🌳🍀. Our club was created to spread and share as much knowledge as we can about nature, the environment, ...
Greek Chess Federation
Καλώς ήρθατε στο επίσημο club της Ελληνικής Σκακιστικής Ομοσπονδίας (Ε.Σ.Ο.). Για αναλυτικές πληροφορίες σχετικά με την Ε.Σ.Ο. παρακαλούμε επισκεφτ...
6,780 Feedback
Discuss your suggestions for improving!
Joserra Chess Club
Club para disfrutar del ajedrez y pasar buenos ratos entre amigos.
Team Slovakia
This group represents Slovakia 🇸🇰 in World League (WL), European League (EL) and Live Leagues:  Members...
Jerudong International School
A school chess club, with members between 11 and 18 years old
FC Barcelona
the group is for fans & followers of the FC Barcelona.Futbol Club Barcelona, known familiarly as Barça, is a professional football club,...
This group is for those interested in playing Khet, a game similar to chess but with lasers. Pieces are destroyed by being hit with a laser beam, t...
Total 960
Greetings, I'd like to introduce you to Total 960 -- a well-established Club which exclusively plays Fischer Random 960 aka Chess960 matches, (dai...
The Farm
The Farm™  is a comedy style supergroup (whatever that means), as well as a great chess group - #70 on the Team Match leaderboard.  Join if you lik...
30min + 20sek Challenger
30|20 Challenger został założony z myślą o graczach, którzy chcą grać szachy klasyczne tempem zbliżonym do turniejów, na których można uzyskać norm...
the youngboy's
This is the youngboy support club only true youngboy fans can join.
WELCOME to the Official Group! You've arrived at the one-stop place for All Things Here you can be notified of scheduli...
Grad Niš - City of Nis
Grupa za sve igrače iz Niša i okoline. Ekipa se takmiči u svim ligama i kupovima gradova koji se organizuju na sajtu: World Cities League, Cities W...