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Dog Chess Village
Hello!  We’re a club of dog people and other people. You can join if you want. club is private after spam accounts voting queen blunders in vote c...
Northville HS Chess Club
@nvchess223 on Remind meetings once a month room 223, 2:30-3:00
K2 Lounge
Club about chess and many other topics of discussion  We hope to reach a balance, since many clubs lean towards one extreme or another. If you ar...
Coaching Club - Under 1000
Club for coaching beginners and anyone under 1000 rating. Looking for coaches over 1100. We have frequent tournaments.
Sydney Academy of Chess
For chess players interested in all chess related events in NSW, Australia!
El club Bolivia es el club oficial que representa a Bolivia en Todas las personas que quieran formar parte del grupo son bienvenidas. J...
THE ALBANIANS This is the group representing Albania on the World League and Europe League .Players from Rep.of Alba...
Chess with Mr. S School
Chess with Mr. S is a chess school focused on teaching the incredible game of chess to young minds in the right way! By never compromising on quali...
Addis Ababa University Chess Club
AAU is a chess club created for Addis Ababa University Students.  Contact info: G mail- Telegram User...
Learn Chess
Group to learn about chess. Everyone free to join. Learn about openings, endgames, tactics, positional play, logical thinking, mating patterns, etc.
The Green Team
Hello everyone! Welcome to The Green Team 🌳🍀. Our club was created to spread and share as much knowledge as we can about nature, the environment, ...
This club's sole purpose is to compete with others.  In all seriousness though, chess discussions are more appreciated. Brawl Stars drafting is al...
Team France
Equipe de France officielle de, nous rassemblons tous les joueurs français et francophones. Pas de triche et pas de parties différées ré...
Alexandra Samaganova Chess Club
Official Fan Club of Alexandra Samaganova - WFM from Kyrgyzstan, 4-time Kyrgyzstan Women's Chess Champion, Member of a National Team since 2002. T...
Season 5 REGISTRATION IS CLOSED Staffed and judged by top bloggers, and open to anyone, BlogChamps is the largest and most active blogging club on...
Akarsha Kawya Dineth's Official Chess Fan Club
🌟 **Welcome to the Exclusive Chess Sanctuary of Akarsha Kawya Dineth!** 🌟 **About Us:**Welcome to the hidden paradise of chess enthusiasts. We are...
Concho Chess Academy
Welcome to the Concho Chess Academy! We organize in-person and online events for players of all ages. I'm glad you're here to we can all learn some...
"BOTSWANA" This is the group representing Botswana in the World League and other tours. It is for all those who would like to ...
Wildlife Chess Club
Welcome to the Wildlife Chess Club! anyone who likes animals in the wildlife should join! there are some rules you have to follow, but mostly it is...
The Puzzle Patzers
  Hello and welcome to a place where puzzle solvers, beginners and masters alike, reside. If you are looking for a place to post and solve intrigu...
Phoenix VIP Club
Become a Chess Phoenix today! Phoenix VIP Club is in the top 1400 clubs in the world for Vote Chess, so join if you enjoy playing Vote Chess!   (Ph...