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On Her Majesty's Secret  Service - HMSS
Have you ever dreamed of being like James Bond? A secret agent, under cover, on exciting missions around the world? Ever seen a spy movie and thoug...
The Knights Of The Night
Welcome! We are The Knights of The Night! We  a new, active, social, and fun club for all to come join and chat, play chess, and more! We plan on h...
Indiana State Chess Association
This is the official club for the Indiana State Chess Association on! We plan to hold weekly chess tournaments with a variety of time con...
The Royal Falcon Club
You are welcome to join The Royal Falcon Club. We are a team of Amateur & Professional Chess players from all over the world united to share ou...
Love Chess Girls
For girls or guys, who love girls that play chess.
World League Headquarters
Team Match World League HQ. This is a private group for the admins of national teams that are participating in's World League Team Match ...
Chess Club Batumi_Nona
In dialogue with life, it is not her question that matters, but our answer!
If we get enough members we can organize weekly tournaments. 
BJSS Chess Club
Chess club for employees of BJSS and alumni
Chess Chillers
This is the official club for Charly Sardo Gaming streaming at Join us to take part in tournaments.
Egyptian Chess Masters
This is the group representing Egyptian Chess Masters . We are new team that will be future #1 team. We are proud of being our Nationality !!!
NFL Football Fans
A place for all American Football fans to hang out, chat, chill, and watch the games! We have a scoreboard updating weekly, prizes for correctly ca...
The Chess World Cup
This is The Chess World Cup and we will be running loads of tournaments each day. Everybody in the club will represent their country in the tourna...
Wood pushers Isle of Wight Chess Club
If you live on the Island, join us! We specialise in pushing pieces of sculptured wood around a Chess board. We have no idea why, but it pleases t...
Team Malaysia
Team Malaysia is now actively participating in the World League Team Matches. The prerogative to join Team Malaysia is to fly Malaysian flag (Jalur...
سلام این کانال علامه حلی 1 دوره ی 40 شطرنج هست
Helen's Enchanted Chess Club
  Nuestro club de ajedrez es el lugar perfecto para que todos nuestros alumnos aprendan y disfruten juntos de esta experiencia única 
Biblical Principalities
For all those seeking knowledge on the principalities of the Holy Bible
The Big Greek Fan Club
Das ist das offizielle Team von The Big Greek auf! Ich veröffentliche täglich ein Video auf meinem YouTube-Kanal und streame regelmäßig a...
Has chess always been a passion, but you can't keep up with the astonishingly high prices for a coach?   Don't worry! Here at ChessUnlocked, an ...
Occitanie Échecs
  Équipe dédiée à tous les membres qui habitent ou aiment l'Occitanie. Bienvenue à tous. 
Team Iowa
Folks with roots sunk into the Heartland of America. The homebase of honesty, morals, and scrupples. We are America and what it stands for. Work...
Man's Best Friend
For those who understand and appreciate the greatness of Dogs.  A Dog avatar is required.