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The Soo Chess Scene
The Soo Chess Scene Over the board play Tuesday evenings 5-7:30pm at the Sault Ste. Marie North Branch Library at 232 Northern Avenue. 
Canada Chess Youth Club     CCYC
CCYC-Canada Chess Youth Club was built in 2016 and become the largest chess training institutions in Canada. We provide multiple choices for the ch...
El club Bolivia es el club oficial que representa a Bolivia en Todas las personas que quieran formar parte del grupo son bienvenidas. J...
Fischer chess club Mumbai
Fischer Chess Club Mumbai
Beach Garden Chess club
                                                      This is a friendly team for lovers of the sea, beautiful beaches, rivers, lagoons, the su...
TJ Bohemians Praha
Club representing real chess club TJ Bohemians Praha - for more information visit our webpages ( Patříme k největším...
Wallyjack's Elite Alliance of Chess Zealots
Hello my friends, This is a mighty club that has loyal and successful members which will be all the stronger with your inclusion. We intend to sw...
T. A. Admin
This is a select group of 🇦🇺 Team Australia 🇦🇺 members who are willing to help manage the greatest world league team! This club is for administrato...
Chess with Mr. S School
Chess with Mr. S is a chess school focused on teaching the incredible game of chess to young minds in the right way! By never compromising on quali...
Wildlife Chess Club
Welcome to the Wildlife Chess Club! anyone who likes animals in the wildlife should join! there are some rules you have to follow, but mostly it is...
Rainy Forever
Oh, hi! Yes, please come in. It's very cold and rainy out and I don't want you freezing yourself to death. So I just learned it's going to be raini...
Pinoy Chess Philippines
PINOY CHESS PHILIPPINES is a group of Filipino Players who are natural born, acquired citizenship, a mixture of race living within the Philippines ...
Biblical Principalities
For all those seeking knowledge on the principalities of the Holy Bible
Welcome to TMCL960. Our group is composed of all admins whose group(s) participate in the 960 Team Match Championship, an annual team match tournam...
Live Chess European League
         Organization for live chess only. This club does not play any type of chess match or tournaments but has a purely organizational purpose. ...
Top Blitz Chess Club
Hi! This is a club for blitz lovers. We will help you reach 2000 blitz. This club is part of Top Club Chess League. For more informations, join ...
Clube de Xadrez Piratovsky
Clube de Xadrez do canal PIRATOVSKYTwitchYoutube Requisitos para Entrar no Piratovsky Chess Club no Nome Completo: Por favor, forneça ...
New Jersey Chess Team
This is a group for all those on who currently live in or are former residents of New Jersey. We primarily compete in the US Team Chess L...
Chess Master School
Welcome to the CMS Chess Club! Tournaments will be hosted here!
Union Chess Club
We are a part of the UCN Community! We are a part of FreeChess!  Welcome to Union Chess Club 🙏 About the club- There were a series of na...
Ninja Empire
Welcome, Ninja and Shinobi Warrior into the presence of future epic battles alongside well armed warriors. Many Masters in fact and proven expert...