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Galerinha do Xadrez
 AO ATINGIR 100 MEMBROS FAREMOS UM TORNEIO COM PREMIAÇÃO Bem-vindo ao clube de xadrez mais animado e estratégico do! Galerinha do Xadr...
Team Pennsylvania
This is the official team representing the commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the U.S. Team Chess League, a Daily match league (3 days per move) betwe...
Chess Unlimited
Chess Unlimited was started in 2008 as one of the earliest formed teams on Over the years, Chess Unlimited has seen many changes and h...
Team Match Chess
For players who want to play chess matches and take part in Daily League and Vote Chess league's.  We play standard Daily Matches, 960 Matches and...
UNIBEN Chess Club
This is the official University of Benin Chess Club!
Pickle Jar
Largest Pickle-themed Chess Club on the Platform Our goal is to be enjoyed by you, so hop in the Pickle Jar!
Kingdom of Red Flowers Chess Club
We invite you to join the Kingdom of Red Flowers! TheGirlred founded this club on October 29, 2020, and makes it propel masterfully as the great cl...
Asociacion Mexicana de Ajedrez-AMA
Nosotros: AMA (Asociación Mexicana de Ajedrez) es una agrupación de personas amantes del Ajedrez, integrada por jugadores Nacionales y extranjeros,...
Transport Logistic Wanderers
Everyone can take part in this group, especially those chess players that are interested or involved in the Transport service. Drivers, loaders, pi...
1WL results
  This is the public club about results in the ONE WORLD League.You can consult all forums in this club without being a member.
FanatikClub is a strong international club that is very active.  We play team matches and vote chess in both the standard and Chess 960 formats.  W...
Greetings. Because you're receiving this invite, it means you're one of the select few chosen to be a part of ChessGutzers!  We're a friendly yet ...
Qatar Chess Team
Qatar Chess Club: The official representative of The World League . Are you interested in learning how to play chess? Would you like to improve you...
Los Angeles Chess Club - LACC
Welcome to THE GOLDEN STATE Enjoy your stay, let's have fun, chat, chill, learn and play some chess! Would love active members that want to play t...
Team New Zealand
This is the group representing New Zealand in the World and Asian Leagues. Members may only represent one country in each of these 2 leag...
Homura Renmei
炎連盟チェスクラブへようこそ! このクラブは、活発な日本のチェスプレーヤーや世界中の美しい日本文化を愛するチェス愛好家のために特別に作られたクラブです。チェスプレーヤーが出会い、プレイし、他のクラブと競い合い、情報を共有し、チェスの世界をよりエキサイティングにすることができるクラブです。 ...
Ultimate Magnus Carlsen fans
Hi. This is a club for all Magnus Carlsen and chess fans. In this club we will play against other clubs and vote chess matches and other fun events...
Chess by Lauren
This is the official chess club of Coach Lauren Goodkind.  She has written two chess books, available on  She also has a lot of experie...
ChessMood is created by Grandmasters for chess enthusiasts! Visit our website and supercharge your chess skills.
Greuther Furth
Hello and welcome to the official YouTube channel of SPVGG GREUTHER FÜRTH ☘  - Servus und willkommen auf dem offiziellen YouTube-Channel der SPVGG ...
Czerwie Czerwika Klub
Zapraszam wszystkich do mojego klubu - będziemy rozgrywali turnieje, dyskutowali i dobrze się bawili! Mój kanał - Grand Prix...
Trainstein Chess
Anyone under 18 is welcome to join! The official learning online chess club for Trainstein Chess students.