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Nairobi Chess Club
We are the oldest chess club in Kenya having been registered on 26th February 1958. We meet every Saturday afternoon from 2pm at the Goan Gymkhana...
Team Dominican Republic
Welcome to Team Dominican Republic "TDR Chess Club". This is a  group that represents the Dominican Republic in We are members of The Wo...
The Green Ember Fanclub
We are heralds of the Mended Wood. This club is any users who have read and love the Green Ember books by S.D. Smith! Feel free to join e...
Mighty Chess Warriors
  Hi! Welcome to the Mighty Chess Warriors Here, we do vote chess, multi club arenas, daily matches and live matches. We have rules   Do's...
Magnus Carlsen VIP Lounge
COME AND JOIN US !! We Play Lots Of Daily Matches,Vote chess and We host premium Gifted tournaments fore our members #1 TopGifters club - 𝓦𝓱𝓮𝓻...
Worldwide Chess Group
Welcome to the Worldwide Chess Group, we do vote chess, matches against other clubs and etc, Everyone is coord! We are a chilling club with events ...
Star Wars chess club
join today! P.S.   We also have games….(12 admin or coordinator slots left, quickly join!) every 10 members we will have a riddle. Whoever gets the...
Chess for Geniuses
Welcome to Chess for Geniuses!  
Hội Đồng Học Sinh 6
Như tên của nhóm thì nhóm này dành cho các hs khối 6 trở xuống, nếu các a/c khối trên mà có vào nhóm r chê này chê kia thì nhẹ là mute, nặng là kic...
Darcss Team Club
Welcome to Darcss basement- i mean club ! he is a streamer on come say hi
Raphtalia's fan club
Join if you like Raphtalia Raphtalia's fan club on         Rules NO RACISM OR SEXISM  No advertising without permission. No bullying ...
Akarsha Kawya Dineth's Official Chess Fan Club
🌟 **Welcome to the Exclusive Chess Sanctuary of Akarsha Kawya Dineth!** 🌟 **About Us:**Welcome to the hidden paradise of chess enthusiasts. We are...
Paul Morphy Chess CluƄ
Hello,I invite You to join Paul Morphy Chess Club.We are an active chess club so if you want to play chess you are welcome to enjoy.It would be an ...
Campionato Italiano
Tutto quello che c'è da sapere sul Campionato Italiano a Squadre.
Team Brazil Live
Team Brazil Live é o clube que representa o Brasil nas competições ao vivo, em equipe, entre nações, nos ritmos bullet, blitz e rapid, no momento e...
The great club of chess
Hello everyone! welcome to the great club of chess's description. here we do multi club arenas, live matches, vote chess and daily matches. You ...
Chess Dream Team
YOU are welcome to join Chess Dream Team, an active, powerful and exemplary club, constantly increased and reinforced by selected and fair player...
Checkmate St. Louis
For students and members of Checkmate St. Louis
Moroccan Chess Club based in ENSA Khouribga, Morocco.
Tortoise Chess Club
A team for 5-14 day match play.
Maceió Chess Club
Enxadristas maceioenses em desenvolvimento contínuo!
Blind Dating
~Come join! I mean u might find your true love???? Or the friend u always wanted....