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The 2000 elo Journey
Hi, I hope you are winning at chess I think you’d make a great addition to my Chess Community. I do weekly group coaching calls to help chess pl...
Team Australia-Melbourne VIC
This is for all members of Team Australia from VIC. We represent Melbourne in World City League matches as well as entering other tournaments. No...
Team Channel Islands
The Channel Islands are a group of British islands on the coast of France. This group is for Channel Island players, or those with links to the C...
We Play Gimkit
We Play Gimkit (aka wpg or the fishtopia haters) the group of weirdos who have an obsession with gimkit the sacred spot of all gimkits the holy...
Karishma Chess Club
Hi Kids, This group is only for my students to play tournaments. Any queries should be asked via watsapp message.   Karishma
Moroccan Chess Club based in ENSA Khouribga, Morocco.
Ripartiamo da tre
Ripartiamo Da tre è club dove troverai tutto quello che ti serve davvero, come per esempio tante persone con cui conversare🩷 e giocare a scacchi ...
Uruguay Open
Liga de jugadores uruguayos auspiciada por la Federación Uruguaya de Ajedrez. 1) Todos los jugadores de Uruguay Open que representen a Uruguay tie...
Real Madrid C.F.
El club del Real Madrid Club de Fútbol. Jugamos en la División 2 de la Global Football League.   The club of Real Madrid Club...
Egyptian Chess Masters
This is the group representing Egyptian Chess Masters . We are new team that will be future #1 team. We are proud of being our Nationality !!!
Team Blunder
Hello.. We play daily tournaments on this team and if you are interested in applying for membership in the club, we also have an expectation that ...
Waltham Chess Club - USCF Rated
All tournaments on this site will be USCF-Rated.  The main tournaments will be held on Thursdays at 7 PM EDT/EST.  As we go along, we may expand to...
B1ZHUB Printing Press
If you want to join, please pm an admin or super admin for why you want to join and wait for them to approve you. Most other requests otherwise wil...
Ajedrez Hispano Online
  Transmisiones en Vivo de los Torneos: Un club dedicado al encuentro online de jugadores de habla h...
Master Brain Chess Club 1
Chess Training 
The Mighty 64
You are one of the lucky 30 members who get an invite to this club every day! We are a group dedicated to learning to play chess and get better...
Tanjiro Chess School
Hi welcome to Tanjiro Fan Club. This is fan club for anime and a very competitive and social club.  Here you can make new friends play club events...
Bepul, Qiziqarli, Ommabop. Uzchess - Kichik yurishlardan katta g'alabalarga. Mamlakatimizda shaxmatni aholi o‘rtasida keng targ‘ib qilish va uni om...
Here we meet old friends and find new friends. This group functions as a substitute for the original Main Hall Chat and the old Debate+ room.  Most...
United Nations of Unicornia -UNOU
.⭒☆━━✰━━☆⭒..⭒☆━━✰━━☆⭒..⭒☆━━✰━━☆⭒. Reasons why you should join this club: 1.The club gets bigger. 2.We have fun events. 3.I want to get 200 me...
African Chess Lounge
Welcome to the exhilarating world of! Dive into an ocean of chess enthusiasts worldwide, engaging in real-time games against competitors ...