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CA Martintxo XT
Turnieje szachowe dla dzieci
kick-ass chess
Group for ass-kickers. Cute girls with elo ratings are welcome too! For the rest it's strictly chess-minded here. Let's see where it leads; got an ...
Anime Crowd
Hello everyone! We are one of the large anime communities here on currently ranking in 2nd place! We established a great community over t...
Exotic Usernames
  Everyone is welcome members will be promoted based on their usernames:   I am proud to announce the new RANKING SYSTEM! Now,...
Dinosaur Hangout
This club is about dinosours, All are welcome  I made this club because im obsessed with dinosours and i just think there quite amazing ...
Onl1ne DA Control
r u tired..?  r u tired of scrolling through forums in random clubs just to get to the one expose forum that so happens to be there..? WELLL...
Clube para Angolanos, residentes de Angola e jogadores de xadrez com Angola no coração  Club for Angolans, Angola residents and chess players with...
Punk Rock Chess Players
People who listen to old and new school punk, who also play chess (obviously if you're here on
The Randomies Chess Squad
Welcome to the official Randomies Chess Squad - International Chess Club! We will have Vote Chess, Daily matches, Arenas, Team matches, and much ...
Chess n hangout
Hii this is a club that is gonna be potentially active and is going to play a lot of games and tournaments 
Swiss Chess Federation
Willkommen im offiziellen des Schweizerischen Schachbundes (SSB)! (la version française suit ci-dessous) Wir möchten eine Plattform...
Banana Galaxy
This club may be private, but feel free to join! PLEASE NOTE: An account without an invitation to this club must be active for at least 2 weeks t...
Are you wanting to have tons of fun in a club but don't know which club&...
Girl's Storm House
Raquel founded this club on Jan 24, 2023 and has taken it forward masterfully as the great club leader that she is. If you are a woman over 18 year...
The Animal Kingdom Conservation Group .
The Animal Kingdom Conservation Group is a fun loving group. We love and respect animals and also the beauty of nature. The Earth its ecosystems an...
Marshall Chess Club Official
Welcome To The World-Famous Marshall Chess Club One Of The Oldest Chess Clubs In The United States! Find all of our upcoming tournaments, classe...
Anna Rudolf's Fan Club
Fans of Anna Rudolf and her Twitch stream at are welcome here. We play tournaments occasionally. Please enjoy!
נבחרת ישראל  בשידור חי Israel team live
 אנחנו מייצגים את ישראל בליגה העולמית למשחקים בשידור חי ובליגת LCWL הרשמית, אלו מועדונים שמוכרים כרשמיים למשחקים בשידור חי עם האתר,חברים יכולי...
La Safor
Somos un club de ajedrez ubicado en Valencia, lleno de pasión por el ajedrez. Admitimos a cualquier persona del planeta desde el respeto y...
The Checkmate Crew - Ahmedabad
Welcome to The Checkmate Crew. We organize online and offline tournaments for casual chess players based in Ahmedabad.