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Aspet Tadevosyan
FIDE Rating 2364
United States

Hello Chess Enthusiasts! 👋🏼 I am Aspet Tadevosyan – World Champion Chess Player & Chess Coach 🌍🏆If you're looking to level up your game and increase your rating 📈, you've come to the right place! With a blend of dedication, and a deep love for the...

Mihailo Djokic
FIDE Rating 2169
Pozega, Serbia

Hello! Thanks for visiting my profile. Do you feel like learning chess alone is hard for you? Would you like to improve your middlegame understanding? Are your tactical abilities unbalanced and you are not sure how to properly calculate moves? I...

Yousuf Azeem Makhdoomi
Faisalabad, Pakistan

If you wanna improve look no further!! Languages: English/Urdu  Coaching Method: Depends on the level of play, period of engagement and interest of the student. However normally my coaching method will include: a) Removing errors in the Opening play...

Ulvi Bajarani
USCF Rating 2497
Houston, Texas, United States

Hi!  I started coaching in 2016. My students range from Grandmasters like GM Nijat Abasov and GM Vasif Durarbayli to newcomers. One of my non-titled students, Can Isik, even tied for 1st place in a city championship—proof that everyone can achieve...

Nicholas Van Der Nat
USCF Rating 2476
United States

My name is Nicholas Van Der Nat. I am a Fide Master and Fide Trainer. I have been a chess coach for more than 17 years, assisting players to grow and increase their enjoyment of chess.  My focus with training is to assist players with a program,...

Alexey Palekha

Обучение (индивидуальное) 👉 Запитай майстра 👉 Обучающие видео 👉 Блог 👉   1-ое место в личном зачёте LCWL 👉 ✅...

Alessandro Santagati
FIDE Rating 2304
Catania, Italy

I am Alessandro Santagati, a 35 years old FM.I live in Catania , Sicily , and I started playing chess at the age of 11. I have extensive experience in training.My philosophy is that anyone can improve quickly, given the right lessons.My method is to...

Tushar Anand
New Delhi, India

Accepting new Students.   Email:, Whatsapp: +917349894114 I am Tushar Anand, a chess coach from Delhi, India. My rapid peak performance was 2280.   Along with fifteen years of tournament play experience, I have...

Rachelle-Mari Voges
Johannesburg, South Africa

I have a passion for nurturing and growing chess enthusiasts. I'm dedicated to helping individuals at every level of their chess journey. From complete beginners to those aspiring to reaching master level, my goal is to guide you along your unique path...

Josefine Heinemann
FIDE Rating 2327

Not accepting new students at the moment

Visakh NR
FIDE Rating 2522
Chennai, India

Hi, Am Grand Master Visakh NR from India I am open for leagues and tournaments in Europe.For any offers drop me an email. I charge 40usd / hour for lessons. You can contact me here or through email-  Currently accepting new students....

Tamas Fodor
FIDE Rating 2494
Budapest, Hungary

Playing since I was 5 years old. I started competing very early on and been to many international tournaments. Since 2013 been a Grandmaster competing in different countries, tournaments/leagues, teaching as well for the last 9 years. My best results...

Василь Буришин
FIDE Rating 2306
Київ, Ukraine

Василь Буришин Радий вітати! Тренер з шахів. GAMBIT - душа шахів. Skype, Zoom - 40 $ / год. FIDE Master, 2 - разовий чемпіон області, 2 - разовий чемпіон Угорщини в складі команди з України + срібний призер, фіналіст чемпіонату України до 18 років (2010...

Mulenga Prince Daniel
FIDE Rating 2316
Ndola, Zambia

Abe L.
USCF Rating 1902
New York, United States

WELCOME TO MY PROFILE PAGE!  Hi! My name is Abe. I've been teaching chess for over 9 years. My rating peak is 1945 USCF ("Class 'A' player") and I give chess lessons both in-person and online. I'm extremely beneficial for players in the beginner/intermediate...

Dmitry Semenenko
Kiev, Ukraine

Hi! I'm Dmitry from Ukraine, Kiev. I am 34 years old.  I offer chess lessons 20$-1h. and training games 10$-1h. (Rapid, Blitz, Bullet. ) My WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram +380936403675. My email:  Payment method: Pay Pal.

Benjamin Bok
FIDE Rating 2645

Taking on new students!For more information, including rates, please email Professional Chess Grandmaster from the Netherlands, 3-time World Cup participant, and 2023 European Games Champion.I have defeated some of the best...

Sanjay Thakurel
FIDE Rating 1942

Hi!  I'm Sanjay Thakurel, an Arena International Master and a Coach with a teaching experience spanning since 1995. I attained my peak rating of 2107 from the World Chess Federation (FIDE). My unwavering dedication and profound passion for chess...

Andrei Stan
FIDE Rating 2080

Chess player since 2009. I've taken part in many competitions in Europe. Available for taking students. My best rating on the site was 2550 blitz. I've got a various list of openings and databases which I share with people. From my point of view, the...

Brisbane, Australia

Vladimir Chernikov

(Spanish/English/Russian/Ukrainian) Hi! I am Vladimir Chernikov,  a 28 years old Fide Master and Chess Coach from Ukraine, but living in Valencia, Spain. I do give lessons. I've been teaching chess 12 years. Feel free to contact me here in

Melikset Khachiyan
USCF Rating 2526
Los Angeles, United States

Greetings! Melikset Khachiyan ( Aka GM Melik is here). Professional Chess Player ( haven't retired yet !) and Professional Coach since 1990. FIDE Senior Trainer for Life ,The only Coach in US who holds such unique title . FIDE Councilor since 2018. US...

Dmitry Gordievsky
FIDE Rating 2522
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am 28 y.o GM. My peak rating was 2653. LESSONS in Russian/English. Coaching reviews: Coaching information:

Valentyn Prokofiev
FIDE Rating 2337
Karvina, CZ, Ukraine

Hello everybody!If you are here, you are probably trying to take your chess game to the new level. Why should you choose me as your chess coach?First of all, my step-by-step coaching method allows you to understand chess rationally, which can really...

Boris Grbac
FIDE Rating 2016
Poreč, Croatia

With good volition, strong belief , persistent work, my experience and your talent, only the sky is our limit. My rate is 20€ per hour. Special benefits for youth up to 16 years old and beginners. Hi, I'm Boris, my e-mail address is: borisgrbac51@gmail.comFeel...

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