Live Chess World League

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This is the group for discussion and organization of the Live Chess World League,'s premier national Live Chess league that is open to World League teams, and other national teams for countries without a WL team.

This group is for national team admins only - non admins will not be accepted into the group.

2024-S1 (Season 13) signups are closed!

If you are an admin of a national team, and are interested in joining this group, then please do ask to join this group (mentioning the team you are admin for in the request).

If you are interested in playing in this league, then join your national team:

Asia/Oceania Europe America
Australia Nepal Azerbaijan Hungary Argentina Mexico
Bangladesh Pakistan Belarus Iceland Bolivia Nicaragua
China Singapore Belgium Italy Brazil Panama
Hong Kong South Korea Bosnia and Herzegovina North Macedonia Canada Peru
India Sri Lanka Bulgaria Norway Chile United States
Iran Syria Catalonia Portugal Dominican Republic Venezuela
Iraq Taiwan Croatia Romania El Salvador  
Kazakhstan Turkmenistan Czech Republic Serbia Africa
Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Denmark Slovakia Nigeria Zimbabwe
Mongolia Yemen England Spain South Africa  
Myanmar   France Turkey    

If your nation is not playing in the LCWL, then find your World League team and ask them to join!