@Lion v @pfren... get it ON


Butt lickers. If he could do so in a polite, courteous post, he would be more liked.


I like his style. I once attended a class for beginners and the teacher was an IM as well, nor less. Things like "that's it, grabbing material, like all patzers!", "that 'combo' of you if faker than Judas", and so on. It was fun as hell.


I'm pretty fed up of this whole hero-worship of someone who apparently is incapable of being respectful or polite to anyone. To make matters worse, some people are saying it's *honesty*.

Not being able to work out that bad manners are bad manners whosoever's they are isn't exactly impressive. I forgave and forgave and lived and let live far too long. I think this idolatry is offensive.


Lets get it on.


Let's see. wink.png



@Optimissed talking sense. And when you consider @pfren has been playing and studying for 200yrs or whatever... he should be Higher rated. Not a rottweiler. More a dishevelled afghan hound.