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Chess program with move announcements when viewing?

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    I am trying to find if there is any software which allows you to play through chess games (PGN for example) which has audible move announcements as well for the replay? 

    All of the programs that I have come across which support move announcements only play the audio announcement for a new move entered ( i.e during a game when playing against the computer or entering a new variation) but they do not play the sound when you are simply playing through an existing game (i.e using the arrow keys to scroll through it). It just annoys me to have to keep looking up at the screen every time when I play through a game that I am studying, I would rather just concentrate on the board.


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    Hi KristianT,

    Have you tried Fritz by chessbase?




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    I have tried chessbase's rybka, which i bought maybe 4 years ago, can anybody confirm if this has been added to the newer installs of chessbase products?

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    Scid, or Scid vs. PC will do what you want if you change the sound settings.


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