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Chessbase 11 Saving Problem

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    So in chessbase 11 i've created a bunch of prep-files and saved them into a database.  When I edit one of the files and then save it, it creates a duplicate file (There is the old unedited file and the new edited file).  How do i save it such that it leaves only the edited file in the database?  When I try to manually delete the old file it just crosses it out and makes it gray, but when you click on it the file is still there!  Any ideas?  

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    It's counterintuitive, but after editing a game you need to click 'replace', not 'save'

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    When the games are crossed out and gray, you can remove them permanently through the database management window. Click on the database that you want to modify after choosing the maintenance tab, then sweep away the deleted games.

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    thanks! this makes things less of a mess.  By any chance do you know what the check integrity option does? if i put my cursor over it it says checks technicality of database...no idea what that means.  Anyways is there any other useful features I should be taking advantage of in chessbase 11?

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    Sometimes databases become corrupted. Check integrity checks a database for errors. Sometimes it can repair them. I've used this feature only a handful of times in the eight years that I've used ChessBase daily (CB 8 until a year ago, and CB 11 since).


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