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A few days ago at a bookstore I acquired a copy of the March-April 1964 issue (or Volume 1 Number 2) of the magazine "ChessWorld," edited and published by Frank Brady. I had never heard of it and I was wondering if anyone knows more about it - how many issues were published, and some of the content of those issues. My copy includes among other things an article by Mikhail Botvinnik ("How to Lose a World's Championship"), an interview with Larry Evans, and on the "Correspondence" page, a prediction by Edward Lasker that Bobby Fischer "will never become world champion" (that's why I don't like to make predictions!). Any further information about the magazine would be appreciated!


I think there were just three issues. I am sorry, but I do not know where my copies currently are. Perhaps I will find them someday.


I am looking for a story from the 1960's. I believe it was published in Chess World.

The two heros were programming their respective computers to play chess. One wanted to use what we would now call the "Komodo" or "Stockfish" approach (before neural network was added) and the other wanted to use what we would call the "Lc0" neural network approach. (They were writing in Fortran as I did so don't take the analogy too seriously.)

"Slade" wanted the first approach. In an argument the other hero said "Trenchant rebuttal, Mr. Slade".

If anyone has that story I would greatly appreciate it - for my grandson.

Mike Nosanov

Las Vegas, NV


I own 10 copies of Chess World (Australian magazine registered in Sydney) ranging from February 1958 to October 1959. Editor during this period was C J S Purdy, a World CC Champion. They include what you’d expect more or less, big tournament coverage with surprisingly decent coverage of the goings on and any drama there. Also, a column by Indian master Raman called “” The Hindu .” Interesting articles include histories of chess in the Philippines and China and post match interviews with Botvinnik and Smyslov


Shouldn’t these magazines be on by now?